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GBB free Airsoft mods, increase fps m92

GBB free Airsoft mods, increase fps m92: this is my first instructable and not the best but here it goes. my gun was weak and would not blow back all the way and not re-load. what i did was remove the valve in the clip the one the hammer strikes and cut 2 of the legs off of it so that more gas can escape making it i high flow valve. the 2...
By: cmlucht

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All new Evolution Airsoft fully licensed Ranger SBR

All new Evolution Airsoft fully licensed Ranger SBR:

Evolution Airsoft have sent over details of their new fully licensed Ranger SBR:

You wanted it?
You asked for it?
We made it!

Introducing the brand new Evolution Airsoft Lone Star Tactical fully licensed "Ranger SBR" Dark Earth color.


Shipping to our dealers worldwide NOW!

Built to meet the needs of the most demanding Mil-Sim players, the Lone Star Tactical series completely changes the price/quality ratio of the airsoft industry.

Sporting a rock solid LiPO ready gearbox, a special battery housing system that makes the positioning of wirings error proof, a like to the real anodized aluminum cnc machined R.I.S., a gun metal color anodized aluminum body, and countless other unique features, the newly released Evolution Airsoft gun is easy to use, rock solid and super realistic. These are just few of the amazing features of the Evolution Airsoft rifles.

Check it out at your favorite dealer!

For more information visit our website www.evolution-airsoft.com and download from the homepage the latest Lone Star Tactical series brochure.

Evolution Airsoft is expanding its worldwide dealers network, application for dealerships and distributorships at info@evolution-airsoft.com. Special promotions for new comers for a limited time.

(Evolution Airsoft)


Gallery: Custom BCM VFC GBBR:
BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing) was founded in 2005 by a veteran United States Marine in Hartland, Wisconsin, where the company maintains its HQ today. BCM builds weapon systems that are manufactured, reinforced and tested to meet the unforgiving needs of law enforcement, military, security and peace keeping professionals in some of the most high stress environments and situations in the world.

User “samn” over at Arms-Cool.net posted some sweet pictures of his custom VFC manufactured Avalon BCM4 AEG laden with Magpul PTS and Crusader parts, except it’s not an AEG, it’s a gas blowback sporting GHK’s new drop-in GBB gearbox. Enjoy.

Airsoft International Magazine Feb. 2012 Issue

Airsoft International Magazine Feb. 2012 Issue:
Airsoft International Magazine February 2012 Issue

Check with newstands, bookstores, and your airsoft retailer if you can order this or check the digital download section for the latest issue of Airsoft International Magazine... "This month we’ve looked at the idea of a 'team load out'. To kit looking the part is MUCH easier said than done, but 5.11 Tactical sure made it a little easier to get done!

The "State of Airsoft" in the USA @ SHOT Show 2012

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Magic Absorbing Water gel (SAMOON 魔力膠 for GBB mag)

Zeta Lab’s line up for 2012 ...

M1 Garand Prototype from ICS

APS Concept x Hakkotsu - Hades Arrow

Gallery: Tokyo Marui Springfield XDM-40

Gallery: Tokyo Marui Springfield XDM-40:
The XD(M) (X-treme Duty-More) are a series of semi-automatic pistols that are polymer-framed and striker-fired. They closely resemble their predecessor, the HS2000 pistol (most widely known in the United States as Springfield Armory XD) Manufactured in the city of Karlovac, Croatia by HS Produkt (formerly I.M. Metal), the Springfield Armory XD(M) is the marketing name for the weapon, which is licensed and sold in the US by Springfield Armory, Inc. Tokyo Marui does it again with their masterful rendition of the Springfield XDM-40.
Tokyo Marui XDM-40 GBB

Tokyo Marui XDM-40 GBB
Tokyo Marui XDM-40 GBB

Tokyo Marui XDM-40 GBB


KWA TT-33 (Tokarev)!

KWA MKV (Makarov)!

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First Look at the KWA KRISS Gas Blow Back SMG:

KWA KRISS Gas Blow Back, finally revealed at S.H.O.T. Show 2012.
Thanks to my boss, I had the chance to attend S.H.O.T. Show again this year. As you know, S.H.O.T. Show is a trade show, only for vendors, retailers, manufacturers, and media related to the shooting, hunting, and the outdoors. The show is so restrictive that even cameras are not allowed except for the press (Bloggers are included, as long as they have a media badge).

Right Click and Select "View Image" for Full Resolution!

Shot Show 2012 - King Arms CAA Ronin

G&G 98K

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SYSTEMA reply concerning cheaper PTW copies

SYSTEMA reply concerning cheaper PTW copies:
Kumi at Systema has sent out a press release. You can read the full email after the break. The email highlights their concern with copies of Systema kit appearing and upgrades that are intended to fit their products.


There’s a lot there and the language barrier is apparent but the core of the communication is obvious. Included is a report from “Papa” highlighting the differences between their product and the copies available. There’s a heap of imagine included comparing the two units.

Airsoft GI Shot Show videos

BREAKING NEWS: JAG Precision and ECHO 1 Respond to SHOT Show Shutdown

BREAKING NEWS: JAG Precision and ECHO 1 Respond to SHOT Show Shutdown:
Posted by ThumpMaster6 on January 26, 2012

THUMPY’s 3D House of Airsoft received several “tips” from airsoft retailers that JAG Precision had e-mailed a letter to customers regarding the “dramatic” SHOT Show shutdown of their display by CYBERGUN and FN Herstal…the details of that letter are posted on JAG’s corporate homepage…LINK HERE

And, the text from that letter is also below in a screen-grab from the site on Wednesday night at 11:00 PM Eastern Time:


ASGI SHOT 2012: Masada GBB Kit & More

ASGI SHOT 2012: Masada GBB Kit & More:
Airsoft GI - Magpul PTS Masada Gas Blow Back Conversion Kit Screencap

Airsoft GI comes to us loaded with videos they took from Shot Show 2012. The first item is something that Magpul PTS Masada owners would be looking forward to as this is a Gas Blowback Conversion Kit comprised of a lower receiver, bolt, etc. without going through the process of buying a separate GBB to have the Masada. More videos included below covering KWA, Condor, ASG, VFC, Pantac, and Tru-Spec.

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Magpul PTS

Airsoft Megastore: Shot Show day 3 coverage:
Airsoft Megastore have sent over their latest

After day 3 of Shot Show 2012 ended, we went over to a short Magpul PTS hosted event with Spartan Imports. There we got to take an exclusive look at the all new Magpul PTS items. The items included Classic Army rifles, Knights Armament rifles, KWA rifles (3 electric blow backs and 1 gas blow back), Magpul ACR gas blow back, the rumored PDR aka Personal Defense Rifle, a new style magazine, and various new Magpul accessories.

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Madbull:2" Barrel Extension now includes stabilizer o-ring

Madbull:2" Barrel Extension now includes stabilizer o-ring:

Madbull Airsoft continue to produce unique innovative accessories. Their barrel extension includes an inner barrel stabilizer to reduce inner barrel wobble:

Madbull Product Update: 2" Barrel Extension Now Includes Stabilizer O-Ring for Improved Accuracy

Product Update! The forthcoming 2" Outer Barrel Extension will now also include a BONUS inner barrel stabilizer o-ring.


The rubber o-ring IMPROVES ACCURACY by wedging between the inner barrel and outer barrel extension, reducing inner barrel vibration during shooting. Note: designed & tested for Madbull brand inner barrels.
Pretty clever, right?

(Madbull Airsoft)

AATV @ ShotShow 2012

AATV @ ShotShow 2012 – Tour d’horizon des distributeurs:

AATV @ Shot Show 2012: Spartan Imports

Kit de conversion GBB Magpul/Bushmaster ACR et canon long

AATV @ Shot Show 2012: ASG

Ashbury ASW338LM spring Sniper Rifle et CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 AEG

AATV @ Shot Show 2012: Cybergun/King Arms

King Arms SVD AEG, FAL, FNC et Blaser R93 LRS2

AATV @ Shot Show 2012: Umarex

HK 417, SL9, HK 416C, HK 416 CQB, G36KV, G36CV et UMP 45

AATV @ Shot Show 2012: JAG Precision/ECHO-1

Robinson Armament XCR Plastic, XCR Compact, PKM, FN FAL, Mortar, Hakkotsu Bullpup, Hakkotsu Sniper Rifle et GAT (TEC-9)

AATV @ Shot Show 2012: Z-Shot ARES Sniper System

Nouveau système ARES pour les sniper : Z-Shot

Article original publié sur Airsoftnews.fr © 2012. |

Magpul PDR AEG

Shot Show: playing with the Magpul PDR AEG:
Alex of Magpul PTS was kind enough to show off the Personal Defense Rifle (PDR) to myself and Alex (National Airsoft Magazine) when we popped by their booth at the Shot Show last week. I was sat there like a bear with a sore head suffering somewhat from the late night before . Micah had convinced me that “..the bar that looked like it was from Mass Effect” was a good idea. I can’t complain, the whisky was good!

The PDR is functional but not quite at the final production stage yet. That said the external body parts seen here are all pretty much final moulds, and not 3D prototype plastic.

It’s possibly worth remembering that the real PDR has not made it into production as the project has been shelved. Thus in relation to UK specific laws on import/export of airsoft Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIFs) as the real weapon doesn’t exist this is arguably not a realistic replica of a firearm. Don’t quote me on that though, consult your nearest shop for further advice.


Hakkotsu Airsoft Mortar at Shot Show 2012

Airsoft Pacific: More videos from Shot Show, including Apex and Palco/Cybergun

Airsoft Pacific: More videos from Shot Show, including Apex and Palco/Cybergun:
Matt, (Airsoft Pacific) has sent over some more videos that they took at the Shot Show:

We’ve just put up the rest of our video coverage from Shot Show 2012. First, we talk with ARES about the officially US Licensed Knights Armament LMG. They also told us about new custom built sniper rifles with real-steel rifle stocks. For those of you hardcore players out there who have to have a specific stock and you’ve got the money to invest – this might be for you. Finally we look at a new shell ejecting M4 in development.

ARES Z-Shot Knights Armament LMG and Custom Rifle Stocks

Magpul PTS Airsoft Personal Defense Rifle (PDR)

Warsoft Mag n°24

Warsoft Mag n°24:
Le magazine Warsoft nous présente la couverture de son 24ème numéro pour le mois de Février, et fête ainsi son quatrième anniversaire et l’augmentation du rythme de publication (désormais mensuel). Ce numéro sera disponible à partir du 26 Janvier en kiosques. Dans ce numéro, vous découvrirez un reportage sur la pratique de l’airsoft au Japon, un sujet technique portant sur un relooking du M16 VN GBBr de WE, des tests du sac RUSH 24 de 5.11, de l’ASR106 Mini Patriot produit par Accuracy Pneumatic Shooting, de l’US Navy Mk23 Limited de G&P, des grenades Kyou CO2 ATR OAE V, du lance-grenade ICS 190 GLM, du pistolet gaz blowback Knight Hawk signé WE, ainsi que du sac d’hydratation Thermoback de Camelback. Vous retrouverez également la BD Faust, ainsi que des reportages consacrés aux opérations « Jailbreak », « Etoile sombre » et « Retour vers le demain d’hier 2 ».

Article original publié sur Airsoftnews.fr © 2012. |

How 2 make a basic airsoft bunker

How 2 make a basic airsoft bunker: This'll teach you how 2 make a very strong, protective, & useful bunker! I addition, you'll have yourself a trench. Needed supplies: This is a more expensive project if you don't own certain things. You'll need: 1. four to eight boards. 2. a shovel. 3. if living in a rocky area, maybe a pick axe...
By: General Foster

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More Magpul Spring 2012 Products

More Magpul Spring 2012 Products:
Magpul MOE® Rifle Stock

More new Magpul products are up for release in Spring 2012. One item is the MOE Rifle Stock which is a fixed rifle stock for the AR platforms with ample storage in the hollow area to hold some essential survival stuff. The next are for the XTM series with the XTM Hand Stop Kit and XTM Enhanced Rail Panels. All affordable, and we just need to wait for Magpul PTS to have these ready for the airsoft market.


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Spartan Imports responds to JAG Precision/Echo 1 Shutdown at SHOT Show 2012

Western Arms – Editions limitées Janvier 2012

Western Arms – Editions limitées Janvier 2012:
Direction le site de Western Arms tout juste mis à jour avec une nouvelle fournée de répliques en édition limitées pour le mois de Janvier 2012. Au programme une réplique du Beretta 92F de John « Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker » McLane de la saga Die Hard, et de nombreuses déclinaisons de 1911 dont vous pouvez retrouvez les photos et prix dans la suite de l’article. A noter que les tarifs ont tendance à augmenter à cause de la chute de l’Euro par rapport au Yen ..

Western Arms Beretta 92F « Die Hard » – 304€ (Infos)

Airsoft Megastore TV - Live at Shot Show 2012 - Las Vegas Nevada Day 2

KWA Adaptive Training Pistol (ATP) Fully Automatic Airsoft at Shot Show ...



Magpul PTS with Spartan Imports has developed a GBB conversion kit for the AEG PTS ACR/MASADA. The conversion kit is a lower reciever, bolt assembly, hop up, inner barrel, and outer barrel. The magazine is Western Arms compatible. It does not come with a magazine ; You must buy it seperately, but they are widely availabe in this system. Also, the internal parts such as the trigger group, carrier group, etc, are not expected to be WA compatible. The projected release date is 4-6 weeks from Janurary 16th. ( Late Feburary ).

Some people are speculating that Magpul PTS will be releasing a complete GBB rifle which does not need to be converted.

Cybergun sues JAG Precision over Echo1 ASC (Advanced Squad Carbine) infringing on FN SCAR

Cybergun sues JAG Precision over Echo1 ASC (Advanced Squad Carbine) infringing on FN SCAR:
Following on from our story earlier today where Shot Show officials acting on a temporary restraining order, ordered JAG Precision to shut down their booth, we’ve obtained exclusive documents in the form of court filings in relation to the lawsuit filed against JAG Precision on the 17th and 10th of January 2012 by Cybergun S.A. and FN Herstal respectively. The two plaintiffs allege that the Echo1 ASC (Advanced Squad Carbine) AEG infringes on Cybergun S.A. and FN Herstals trade dress and design rights in relation to the popular FNH SCAR assault rifle.

The lawsuit also extends to the Vega Force Mk16 and Vega Force MK17 products. Including in the filing are exhibits (not displayed here but available) displaying evidence of JAG Precisions alleged infringement with screen grabs from JAG Precisons online store of the Advanced Squad Carbine (ASC) and comparing it to license holder Cyberguns own FN Herstal licensed FNH SCAR-H and FNH SCAR-L Softair brand products.

AirsoftFix at Shot Show 2012: Echo 1 PKM, ADM, MTC3, and more...

ASG: CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 final prototype at SHOT Show

ASG: CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 final prototype at SHOT Show:
While we’re on the topic of news from ActionSportGames (see previous post) of the ASG CZ Scorpion Here are my own photos of the prototype from their booth.

I’d like to thank the guys from ActionSportGames for taking the time to go through the product so thoroughly with me and answering all my questions.