segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2011

Worlds first Polar Star M82 Barrett

Worlds first Polar Star M82 Barrett:

Jon from Tennessee Airsoft Shop has been checking out the new Polar Star Barrett M82

My store and I have successfully done worlds first Polar Star barrett M82.

Polar Stars facebook
Tennessee Airsoft Shop’s facebook page with more pictures of the build

It has been featured on Polar star’s Facebook over the last week and we have been getting a ton calls and E-mails about it and we wanted to show it off on a large scale.

–We are achieving–
600-610 FPS on a .20 (as fast as you can pull the trigger)
Well over 290foot range
13 RPS on a low input setting(we have gone as fast as 27)

(Tennessee Airsoft Shop)

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