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New VFC H&K Models at SHOT Show 2012!

New VFC H&K Models at SHOT Show 2012!:

VFC announced a HK416C GBB and also revealed a HK417. Elite Force posted some updates on their facebook page. Elite Force which is part of Umarex (holding the H&K licences) will distribute the HK416/17 range of VFC guns within the USA. Elite Force now revealed a new picture and following details:

New VFC H&K items at SHOT Show 2012

"We have had many questions regarding the new HK 416s and 417s. The new items will be debuted at SHOT SHOW on JAN 17th - 20th.

1. Supplier - VegaForceCompany (VFC)
2. Exclusive - Elite Force / UMAREX USA
3. Pricing - Not available. The MAP price will be announced soon
4. 1 Year warranty - Internal and External from Elite Force.
5. CNCd Aluminum and Steel Bodys
6. LIPO ready!!
7. Fully licensed and trademarked H&K
8. Small bore barrel include"

So apparently the HK417 is going to be an AEG after all. Interestingly this includes the HK416C as well though. As we have seen the video of the HK416C GBB already, it now appears as if there will be both a GBB and an AEG version. This could also mean that an HK417 GBB is still possible.

VFC also released this video on YouTube which shows a prototype of the ultra-compact version of the HK416, called HK416C. Originally intended to meet the same needs such as the G36C . The development of this version would have taken a year by VFC, including the mechanism to adapt and shorten the bolt. Level specifications, with a capacity of 30 bbs, announced velocity of 110 m/s of about 600 balls per minute.


We will soon find out more details regarding the interesting VFC release at SHOT Show 2012.

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