terça-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2011

New airsoft iPhone app: 5by5

New airsoft iPhone app: 5by5:

The maker of Airsoft Helper and Kill Counter has just released another new iPhone app, 5by5, creator Graham Ranson says that this new app is quite basic at the moment but if it proves popular further features will be added:

Communication on the battlefield is often a tricky thing, with loud noises and shiny things all over the place getting important messages to your team can be difficult to say the least. In wars gone by people employed runners and even pigeons for this task however in the modern age of computers, mobile phones and twitter; day to day communication doesn’t have to be complicated, wordy or or even coherent so why should battlefield comms be any different?

I present to you an app that may very well change your game, 5by5.

Quickly send 12 pre-defined short messages to your team mates through a secure password protected channel. Find you and your teams locations on an accurate map and see where messages were sent from.


(Graham Ranson)

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