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A&K M60VN Review - What makes you think I won't cut you, Herr Box Mag?

A&K M60VN Review - What makes you think I won't cut you, Herr Box Mag?:
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A&K M60VN Review - General Purpose Airsoft Machine Gun for Squad Support
Do NOT Take Your Airsoft Guns to School.
This was taken at OP: Red Storm II. The AO was a former juvenile prison campus.
Photo: Bakholdin Photography, Post-Production: Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog
Did anyone catch my random German language reference? Anyway, this part of my A&K M60VN Review features my A&K M60VN box mag getting cut up like the Fourth of July. Wait...what?!

Yea, that's right.

I didn't like the way the box mag looked at me, so I cut it.

I cut it wide open so I could see its guts.

Also, I see that Blogger has pulled some sort of prank on me for yesterday's blog in that it has refused to publish the post in its entirety. I am currently working on recovering the data that I spent quite a bit of time creating, but I may have to rewrite the dang thing, which I can assure you, will make me want to choke a cute & cuddly teddy bear with no remorse while in blind rage. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Check out the A&K M60VN Box Mag carnage after the jump...

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