quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2011

Cybergun: R93 Blaser air cocking

Cybergun: R93 Blaser air cocking:

Gaël FEREC (Event Manager, Cybergun) has sent over a poster of their newly released air cocking R93 Blaser. There’s a gas version planned for release soon:

imageHi, Please find attached a poster that we’ve made for the launch of the Blaser LRS1, worldwide exclusivity made by King Arms. This is the Spring version, a CO2 version is planned also. It’s the first sniper with a one step only straight pull mechanism for cocking! So you are able to shoot 2 bbs when a regular bolt can shoot only one!

More than the launch of this gun in Airsoft, it will be also available in our Free-to-play online FPS game next week. And it’s also a worldwide exclusivity!

Have a nice day! Bye

Gaël FEREC (Event Manager, Cybergun)

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