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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: November 20, 2011

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: November 20, 2011:
  • How to Tie the Dragon’s Tongue by TIAT (Re-Post)
    On account my first "How to Tie the Dragon’s Tongue by TIAT" video (July 8, 2010) was restricted in various regions (due to my background music choice), I’m re-posting it.
    The Dragon’s Tongue is an intricate weave that looks like a sine wave on a lattice. In short, it’s a fusion knot that can have its frequency modulated!

  • XCR Bolt assmebly
    This is being made for a person that purchased one of my XCR’s last week, and for anyone with an XCR that may be interested in removing theirs.
    Not really too hard to do, def not very complicated, just a little cumbersome.

    Facebook Echo 1 XCR Owners Club!/groups/177169212336813/

  • m40 debut.mpg
    RA TECH custom m40 air bolt action sniper rifle.

    with precision inner barrel , cnc cylinder head, and cnc cylinder head (#22).

    also provide option parts, including 6.01 510 precision inner barrel and outer barrel extension.

    it will be your best choice in

  • Car15

  • ICS M3 Grease Gun in Action Scotland HD
    Im on FaceBook At

    Main Channel

    Alternative Channel
    Filmed near Kilmarnock in Scotland, if you wish to play here the game dates and directions etc are on the Nomad website at

    For more information on playing Airsoft in the UK and elsewhere I recommend you use the forum on the following website

    You will need to set up a login to use the forums, its free.

    Filmed using a Canon 1Ds DSLR camera, edited using Apple iMovie 11, edited on a 27 inch iMac

  • Ruger GP100: "American Steel" by Nutnfancy
    Inspiring confidence and making hits. That’s the full sized, full weight Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum. This brushed stainless steel Ruger GP100 #KGP-141 is classic American Steel. As a true "Gun Totin’ Freak," I’ve wanted one since age 10. Exiting from over a year of testing in TNP, this gun proved to be another Ruger TANK of a gun. It’s solid, reliable, and accurate…all results shown. The out-of-box trigger sucks and needs some work however. Enter Terry G from Impact Guns whose work transformed the TNP GP100 into a wicked smooth combat masterpiece; trigger now breaks at 3 lbs SA, 7.5 lbs DA and is 100% reliable. Running and gunning with this upgraded GP100 was pure enjoyment and all TNP crew fell in love with it. It’s smooth and fast and, once I got it dialed with some sight adjustments, very accurate. The current Ruger Hogue grips are perfection for me and they’re not going anywhere. But since the GP100 is so commercially successful, if you don’t like them (or the sights for that matter), aftermarket options abound (also holsters and speed reloaders). Improving upon its predecessors, the Security/Service/Speed Six, the GP100 is a stronger design utlitizing a thick frame, top strap, and dual locking pawls which anchor the 6-shot cylinder. The .327 model has a 7 shot cylinder. With practice and time, reloads can come fast to you making up for the limited rounds count. But from a purely recreational POU, the GP100 in whatever barrel length and finish suits you, is a huge win and becomes addictive. It’s a great choice for recoil shy shooters when used with .38 Specials. The solid GP is ready for more serious work as well and it will provide solid home or vehicle defense as well. With it you can make hits easily and at distance. Walk with confidence in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. You have a GP100. Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 10 out of 10 (after trigger job)//////////////////////////////////// Music: Produced and licensed to TNP from TNPr "THEL1ZARDKING" ( thel1zardking)…great tunes from his band Bodewell. His songs are available for purchase at:­um/ego-trip/id310304033?uo=4 OR

  • Airsoft Replica Mich 2001 Ops Core
    After enduring a day’s worth of excruciating discomfort with my Mich 2000 and Sordin headset setup I decided I needed a new helmet to cope with my headset. I set my eyes on either an IBH or a Mich 2001 and ended up with the Mich due to the fact of it coming with replica Ops Core Arc rails that were more usable for my application. The design of the helmet makes using it in conjunction with a headset a million times more comfortable due to the higher cut for the ears. I have the center pad for the top of my head removed so it would work better with my radio headset and so far it works perfectly. The Arc Rails are definitely a huge plus for me as I bought a Contour Arc Rail Adapter to replace the flimsy goggle mount I used previously. The new mount produces much more stable footage and I can still adjust the angle of the camera. The flashlight is used for low-light or zero light conditions in which I need both hands, it comes in quite handy. I will be looking forward to getting either a replica or real IR distress marker to add to the look of the helmet. Also on my list of upgrades for this helmet is a new chinstrap system and better pads since the said items that come with these replica fiberglass helmets are usually crap.
    Link to where I got the helmet:

    Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

    Song: Vagabond by Greenskeepers

    I do not own the song used in this video and all credit for the song goes to it’s owner(s).

  • Elite Force M4 CQB Airsoft Gun Chrono
    A chronograph of the Elite Force CQB M4 Airsoft AEG, which is available for purchase at–dark-earth-brown.html. As you can see, this gun is firing right where you want it!

  • Echo1USA Airsoft Tour Atlanta – SS Airsoft |
    Brian the Echo1USA Tech visits one the top indoor airsoft arenas in the South East of United States, SS Airsoft in Sugar Hill, GA. This 14,000 square foot arena is painted and fill with props from the bottom to top. The store features a large show room, knowledgeable tech department and an amazing staff to help you with all your airsoft needs. When visiting Atlanta, this is definitely one place you don’t want to miss!

  • New Gen2 Evike Exclusive SVD Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Shwell Review)
    Got this SVD in a "Box of Awesomeness" just a couple days ago. Decided to do a run through of the gun and share with you good folks on Youtube.

    370FPS using .38 BB’s which is pretty Impressive for a stock gun. Even a stock Sniper Rifle/Platform.

    The ability to use Standard AEG Springs makes this a very upgradeable Rifle. This is also present in its function. Cock the spring, and you are ready to shoot. What more can you ask for.

    I did not have a space good enough to test its range, but this gun is dead accurate to 75 feet. I mean less than an inch MOA.. Even at that distance, and my terrible ability to aim, this gun performed GREAT.

    I do not think I was ever this impressed with a stock guns performance, though it may have been expected from those of you with experience in the Sniper Rifle Realm.

    For $150 you are getting a platform that can hang with the Big boys.. my only Complaint is a pretty common complaint for most AK variants, andf that is the lack of Scope mount availability. The Classic Army AK style Mount, and the Leapers Mount work flawlessly, but others are not compatible, or at least none I could find info on. Though this may seem like a huge disadvantage, I do not, for this particular model. It shoots LaSERS GUYS… I am Impressed.

    here is the listing for the Box of Awesomeness:

  • CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION November 13th 2011 (WE G36 1911 PISTOL KWA GLOCK)


    Stockton, Ca


    Gameday: November 13, 2011


    Please visit:

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  • Amentum LR Sling
  • AirSplat on Demand – Javelin Black Mamba Airsoft AEG Rifle Episode 81
    **All Airsoft Guns Require 1/4" Orange Tips**

    In this Episode of AOD Jake and Kristen Review the Javelin Black Mamba Electric Blowback AEG Rifle. This All in one package comes with an ACE Stlye fixed CQB Combat Stock, LMT sights, Full metal Gearbox and Body, Electric Blowback, and a Suppressor Style Tracer Unit. All this makes for a very appealing kit for the price, moreso than other high end AEG rifles like KWA or Classic Army. Shooting course, chrono, and features review is provided

  • Free Airsoft Guns
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