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Evolution Airsoft: licensed Lone Star Tactical (USA) series

Evolution Airsoft: licensed Lone Star Tactical (USA) series:
Evolution Airsoft have released details of their new licensed professional grade AEGs:

Evolution Airsoft releases fully licensed Lone Star Tactical (USA) series

Dear Airsoft Friends,

after the great success of the Evolution Airsoft LR-300 blowback, Evolution Airsoft is proud to announce the release of three new amazing professional grade AEG’s under the top-performance Hard Core Series.

Featuring an unparalleled quality level and fully licensed trademarks from Lone Star Tactical (Texas, USA), the newly released Lone Star Tactical rifles set a new price/quality standard in the Industry. While the construction is super solid and the parts used are absolutely the best money can buy (anodized anti-scratch metal body, cnc machined parts, ball bearings, steel gears, reinforced tappet plate, reinforced piston, bolt locking-release system, metal hop up chamber with sealing o-rings, etc.), the price tag is extremely low. In fact the recommended retail price is as low as 179,00 Euro and to celebrate the release of the first three guns of this new amazing series, for a limited time the already low price is reduced as low as 155,00 Euro!!!

Lone Star - ENG_09Lone Star - ENG_01Lone Star - ENG_02Lone Star - ENG_03Lone Star - ENG_04Lone Star - ENG_05Lone Star - ENG_06Lone Star - ENG_07Lone Star - ENG_08

Don’t be fooled by the low price tag, the Evolution Airsoft Lone Star Tactical air soft guns are not cheap China guns rebranded, they are genuine Evolution Airsoft products assembled in the Hong Kong production plant with all the quality one can expect from an Evolution Airsoft Hardcore Series product. In spite of the low price each Lone Star Tactical rifle undergoes through a strict quality control. Quality is assured under MIL Std 105E – ISO 2859-1:1999 standards.

Unbelievable eh? This will change the Airsoft World and will set a new price standard for professional grade rifles. Who will need roughly assembled China guns after this?

The brand new Evolution Airsoft Lone Star Tactical AEG’s are being shipped to retailers and distributors worldwide in these days. If your favorite retailer doesn’t stock them ask him to contact us for an emergency delivery, he will have them in stock in less than one week.

Positions for wholesale and retail distributorships are open worldwide. For more information about our wholesaler and retailer programs please e-mail to

Products details in the attached leaflet.

Evolution Airsoft
…changing the airsoft world

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