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Airsoft Squared V1.1 is now Live

Airsoft Squared V1.1 is now Live

Airsoft Squared, the leading social network and publication platform dedicated to Airsoft, has just released Airsoft Squared v1.1 on www.airsoft-squared.com
Lots of new features with a specific focus on brands' needs and communities.
Will you join us like Red Wolf, King Arms, eHobbyAsia, Hobbytron, Deep Fire, Elite Force and many more?

What can Airsoft Squared bring for you:

1. News section : http://www.airsoft-squared.com/news
Brands and medias needed a tool to get more visibility and to communicate with the Airsoft Squared members.
- Brands like you will now be able to publish announcements and breaking news (new products, contests, discounts...)
- "Featured news" will now find a place on the homepage.

2. Group and Events Pages : http://www.airsoft-squared.com/groups
Manage your communities and reach new customers.
- We redesigned Groups and Events Pages entirely to let them be this space of discussion and sharing.
example of Group page : http://www.airsoft-squared.com/group/253/redwolf-airsoft/wall

It is now possible to post News, Events, Photos, Videos and Comment directly from your Group or Event page
Every time you post a News from your group, all your members will receive an email notification + your content will be pushed on the News section of the website
Easy and 0 cost way to get visibility.

3. Advertising solutions : http://www.airsoft-squared.com/advertising
Airsoft Squared gets 50 000 unique visitors / month and 160 000 page views / month (Source: Google analytics / August 30 - September 29, 2011)

We offer different solutions to advertise on Airsoft Squared.
Contact us at advertising@airsoft-squared.com for more information or buy your advertising spaces on our self-service platform https://www.isocket.com/website/airsoft-squared

How to get an account?
Register on http://www.airsoft-squared.com/register

How to create a Group page?
Create your content on http://www.airsoft-squared.com/groupbuilder (you must register first and log in)

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