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How to get the most from S-Thunder’s grenade shells

S-Thunder have sent over a couple of videos showing their grenade shells in action:

Since releasing its range of S-Thunder M203 STYLE "SHOCKER" GRENADE SHELLS & FOAM BALL GRENADE SHELLS, milsim players and reviewers worldwide have discovered these grenade shells are among the LOUDEST & MOST POWERFUL grenade shells in the marketplace.

Both reviewers and players have been testing ways to GET THE MOST POWER & FIRING RANGE from S-Thunder’s grenade shells and some have produced videos to show players how to best achieve this and here are some video demos,

Jarek from RedDragon Airsoft (USA),

[youtube] (USA),


These videos demonstrate how to achieve a greater firing range using a range of projectiles such as BBs and paintballs.  Players are welcome to visit S-Thunder’s Facebook page to share ideas or links to videos to share with players to show the range of uses of S-Thunder’s grenade shells.

The S-Thunder TEAM (S-Thunder Limited)

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