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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: May 15, 2011

  • Multicam – Montage of Stills
    My brother and I went out yesterday to get some photos showing multicam in use around some typical english terrain, rather than the afghan desert where you’d normally always see it. I have to say I think it works pretty well.

    Kit list:

    -Oakley 8" boots
    -’OPS’ Ultimate Direct Action trousers
    -Crye Gen 3 combat knee pads
    -Blackhawk riggers belt
    -Tru-Spec UBACS
    -Blackhawk Nomex gloves
    -Timex Ironman
    -5.11 Tactical baseball cap
    -Standard shemagh
    -Element Sordin headset
    -Shades from NEXT (£13, winner)

    -Blackhawk STRIKE plate carrier
    -Tac Tailor side plate upgrades
    -ATS Triple shingle pouch
    -Warrior Admin
    -Warrior Double mag pouch
    -Warrior Double pistol pouch

    -Blue Force Gear suspenders
    -ATS Warbelt
    -ATS Belt insert
    -2 x HSGI Pistol TACOs
    -Warrior Roll-up dump pouch
    -Blackhawk SERPA MOLLE mount, QD kit and CQC 1911 Holster

  • A&K 870 Spring Airsoft Shotgun Review
    Buy it here:

  • The Infamous Madbull v2.1 Chronograph -ASTKilo23-
    The Infamous Madbull v.2.1 Chronograph -ASTKilo23-

    The result of 10 months of standard use of the Madbull v2.1 chrono.

  • More Cowbell
    Fun little short inspired by the Saturday Night Live skit.

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  • home made flash hider sound test
    very bad looks…but,big sound! this flash hider was made by lathe.(duralumin A2017)ラッパハイダー的な物を自作したので色々な銃で撃ち比べてみました。かなーり発射音がうるさくなります。w

  • Redwolf Airsoft – Cybergun FN M249 (MK2 & Para)
    The Cybergun M249s; following the A&K AEG design, nice and simple to operate, cool looking, heavyweight, good performer and modifiable with after market parts.

    Product Link:

  • JG Gearbox in an Ares G36? -ASTKilo23-
    JG Gearbox in an Ares G36? -ASTKilo23-

    Does a JG TM compatible gearbox work in an Ares g36? watch and see.

  • Airsoft Innovations Impact Tornado Grenade
    We look at the Airsoft Innovations Impact Tornado Grenade supplied by
    Check out their website for all the latest and greatest Airsoft equipment

  • Inside The Mechbox: Utg L96 Upgrade Kit

    ASTeamKilo23 and AirSplat present another instructional guide in technical world of airsoft. In this episode Prodigy installs a UTG L96 upgrade Kit which includes metal spring guides, cylinder, and m170 equivalent spring. He compared stock fps and range compared to the upgraded version.

    **All airsoft guns require orange tips**

  • A&K 870 Spring Airsoft Shotgun Shooting Test
    Buy it here!

  • ASG Ingram M11 from Review
    We take a look at the ASG Ingram M11 (also known as the Mac11) lent to us from

  • PWS Series Master Collection Airsoft AEGs by SOCOM Gear
    Master collection of the PWS line of AEGs by SOCOM Gear. Now Available in TAN for the 10" mk110 and 12" mk112!

    Fully licensed by PWS (Primary Weapon Systems these AEGs were designed with the player in mind, more bang for your buck.

    Features a fully licensed PWS receiver, MadBull PWS fully licensed free float rail system, MadBull one piece outer barrel, and a free MadBull fully licensed PWS compensator!

    To see the PWS Series in action watch here:×0

    More info at,

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