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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: May 11, 2011

  • Common Sense RC Lipo/Nimh/Nicad Airsoft Battery Charger -ASTKilo23-
    Common Sense RC Lipo/Nimh/Nicad Airsoft Battery Charger -ASTKilo23-

    Prodigy from Airsoft Team Kilo23 talks about the common sense rc smart charger.

  • MAGPUL PTS Dual MagLevel EMAG™ Airsoft Export Magazine

    MAGPUL has renewed all their EMAG as dual-sided "MagLevel" windows version, so does PTS Airsoft Version follow!

    EMAG™ (Export Magazine) – Unique geometry is optimized for Airsoft HK 416, FN SCAR, SA-80, IMI Tavor Airsoft Electric Gun Rifle AEG (Also compatible with M4/M16 Series)
    Constructed of DuPont material that is both light and durable

  • The test before and after install Samoon enhanced blowback kits for GHK AKM
    The test before and after install Samoon enhanced blowback kits for GHK AKM

  • Cali Sb798 Update
    Just a short PSA about Cali SB 798.

  • Redwolf Airsoft – Cybergun Kalashnikov Sniper Rifle
    The Soviet styled Kalashnikov sniper rifle from Cybergun. A good looking, good quality, skirmish performer that is incredibly affordable; a nice starter Sniper rifle.

    Product Link: http://bit.ly/kiMJUr

  • Redwolf Airsoft – Echo 1 Robinson Armament XCR AEG
    An advanced rifle competitor to SCARs & MASADAS; whatever your tastes, the XCR is bound to appeal to some but not all. It has features that make it very handy but also a design that not everyone will like. Which are you?

    Product Link: http://bit.ly/mPekER

  • Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid – part 5
    Find out what’s next on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/beatdownboogie


    Huge thanks to everyone who helped make this. And everyone who watches and comments. Special thanks to our composer Karel Antonin, Ehobbyasia, Kessler Crane, and CMR Blackbird Stabilizers, as well as CPM Film Tools.

    Closed Captioning coming soon!

    We are currently working on some new video game and comic-related ideas.
    We’re also working on a DVD version of the whole Modern War Gear saga.
    Find out more at beatdownboogie.com

    * * * * * *
    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Where did you get the guns?
    They are airsoft guns from http://www.ehobbyasia.com.

    2) What camera equipment do you use?
    We are currently using the Canon 7d. I really love it.
    We also use the Backbird Stabilizer, the only small stabilizer I’ve been impressed with. And we use a Kessler Crane now, which is really nice; fast to set up and move around.
    We just got a CPM Shoulder Rig which seems pretty cool so far too. For more info on all our gear check out:


    3) Where did you get the costumes?
    There is a detailed breakdown on our blog:


    Most of the tactical/combat gear is also from Ehobbyasia.

    4) What do you use to edit?
    Final Cut pro and After Effects. Rick also uses Maya for the 3d effects.

    5) What is the end credits music?
    All the music in Part 5 is composed by Karel Antonin.

    * * * * * *
    Thanks for all the great comments!
    Beat Down Boogie News can be found on our blog.

    Beat Down Boogie Blog:


    Beat Down Boogie on Facebook:


    Beat Down Boogie on Twitter:


  • Airsoft Evike.com- How to get the most out of your S-Thunder grenade

    Check out all the different ways you can use your S-Thunder grenade!
    We got the idea from S-Thunder & other YouTubers so we brought here for you guys on EvikeTV. Enjoy~

    S-Thunder Grenade:http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.php?cPath=23_58&products_id=32596

    S-Thunder Launcher:http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_46&products_id=33221

  • 5.29 DREAM Bantamweight JAPAN Tournament – PV
    FIGHT FOR JAPAN『DREAM JAPAN GP 〜2011 バンタム級日本トーナメント〜』(2011年5月29日(日)/さいたまスーパーアリーナ)のプロモーションビデオがこちら!

    Promotion video of FIGHT FOR JAPAN "DREAM JAPAN GP 〜2011 Bantamweight JAPAN Tournament〜"(May.29.2011 / Saitama Super Arena, Japan).

  • Ajax & Rad with Tactical Airsoft Supply’s Latest GIVE-AWAYS!!!
    Ajax and Rad with Tactical Airsoft Supply is just wanting to say thanks to all of our youtube subscribers. To do this, we are giving away a London Bridge Trading Company 6094 Plate Carrier! LBT is the leading manufacturer in WAR gear. You also have the chance to win an Ajax Customs Javelin by going to our facebook page @ www.facebook.com/tacticalairsoftsupply and ‘LIKE’ us! For either give-aways, you must either be a youtube subscriber or ‘LIKE’ us on facebook. Good Luck!

  • Airsoft GI – Polar Star PR-15 Electro Pneumatic Airsoft Rifle
    The buzz about this gun dates back to about 2009, and it’s finally here. Polar Star have been through hours and hours of testing and prototyping and testing and engineering and testing and machining and testing and…you get the picture. A a lot of time was spent on the development of the PR-15, and we get to take an in depth look at the gun in this video.

  • RAP4 Gear Unboxing
    Just a few things I picked up for my British/Canadian loadouts.

  • Nvr Quit Grip from EBairsoft
    This is another low cost product from Ebairsoft. This is designed to mimmick the product "Never Quit Grip". This is in essense a grip pad for use around the Magwell of AR platforms.

    Real Steel version:


    Ebairsoft links:




  • Airsoft Tower Defense Helmet Camera
    Rules: People in the tower have to hold out as long as they can, opposing force gets unlimited respawns but players guarding the tower do not.

    Thumbs up if you liked the video! Thanks.

  • AirSplat Wild West Video Challenge #1: ANSWER
    Here’s a fun little video showing off the Wingun Co2 701 Gas Revolver


    Here are the winners for the Wild West Question Video we posted on Facebook. These three win a Swag Bag of airsoft goodies courtesy of AirSplat.com

    -Michael Wrigley
    -Jacob Hutchinson
    -Jacob Plihal

    Thanks for playing! We’ll have more video contests soon!

  • How I learned to stop worrying and love the Hind (ArmA 2 With airsoft forum)
    Part one of ???. The Airsoft crew gets ready to attack the main objective

  • Horan Knives Sub-Q Tanto with 2 Bight Turks Head Knot Sheath Wrap
    More knotty stuff on my blog: http://stormdrane.blogspot.com

    I tied a two bight turks head knot (13 lead 2 bight) around the kydex sheath of this Horan Knives Sub-Q Tanto http://www.horanknives.com.

    I used about 15 feet of 2mm cord to tie the knot with three passes. There was just enough room under the wrap, with the contour of the sheath, to snuggly fit a small firesteel.

    Link to Horan Knives YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/knifesmithe#p/u

    *Note that the Japanese style handle wrap/grip on the knife was tied by Tim Horan, and you can find more info on that technique by doing a search for ‘tsukamaki’.

  • Cheaper bangs @ SWAT
    Cheaper bangs from swatuk247.com 10mm & 6.3mm blanks cheaper to use than standard 12gauge or 9mm blanks.
    Filmed on location at Area51 SWAT Wirral by Airsoft Odyssey

  • Stripping Paint From a Metal Airsoft gun
    This is short run through of how I remove paint from METAL guns. This will damage Plastic parts. DO NOT USE ON PLASTIC PARTS..

    This is how I remove unwanted paint from items before I paint them. I only do this if is is completely necessary. The gun in this vid is being polished to a miror finish eventually.

    New Camera guys. Supposed to record in 1080p, we shall see how good it really is. I have not fully mastered the controls, so this vid did not focus as intended. Nikon D3100 DSLR.

  • (Airsoft War) 2011 Echo1 Appreciation Day Walkthrough – Part 2
    http://RainbowOps.com & http://CategoryAirsoft.com
    This is the second video from our day at Desert Fox MOUT while attending the Echo1 Appreciation Day in 2011.

    The tan team has taken control of all 3 flags and now we have to play catch up. Watch this LEGIT epic airsoft war through the eyes of the RAINBOW airsoft team.

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