quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2011

Abbey AntiFog

Abbey Supply LogoThis is a new product introduction by Abbey Supply Company, a much needed REAL antifog solution for every airsofter.Those hot and sweaty days are comming again, are your goggles foggy? Give this Abbey AntiFog a try...




Abbey AntiFogA new high specification formulation from Abbey Supply Company that really solves the problem of fogging on visors and spectacles.

It stops fogging and condensation. It provides clarity of vision and greatly improves safety for airsoft visors, goggles, crash helmets, spectacles and anywhere else where fogging and condensation are a problem.

This new high tech solution eliminates fogging and condensation. It is not an old fashioned soapy solution and does not smear. Its anti bacteria formulation cleans and kills germs dead.

Simply spray on and wipe away using an Abbey Microfibre Lens Clean Cloth.
Leave a thin invisible film of Abbey AntiFog to give all day protection from fogging and condensation.


For more information check http://www.abbeysupply.com/product45.html

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