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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 10, 2011

  • Airsoft Scare Prank
    We had their parent’s permission to do this, there were three adults in the room and they all knew this was going to happen. They just never told their kids thats all. This was a JOKE! Its not like these kids were traumatized from us doing this prank. I came up with the idea haha

    I was the one with the tan helmet, tan iron face, and smoked goggles.

  • (Gear) Painting your Airsoft Gear
    Watch Ranger as he shows you how to paint your Airsoft mask.

    nothing sums us up like this vid and the song chosen. Welcome to the jungle we got fun and games. If you got the money hony we got what you need

    this is a song written and performed by my best friend and adopted brother scapegoat

  • "Snowblind" Pt 3 of 4, Tactical Solutions Testing
    When the going gets tough…well you know the rest. And it does get tough as the night wears on in this TNP RunNGun hosting Keith, CEO of Tactical Solutions. I’ll call it a blizzard: high winds, plummeting temps, and heavy snow made the runs a challenge. Runs show more Pac-Lite and Trail-Lite receiver uppers, the TSG-22, AR-22 LT, and even a Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 (for comparison in condition) in action. In the high winds just hearing the steel hits was tough. But it was an ideal testing ground if you ask me and I relished it. Cr0cket20 was the TNP Crew Member on this outing and he manned up for several runs in the snow. We lost "Roxanne" along the way and she’s probably still out there frozen solid. The TSG-22 Glock .22 conversion ran well at first and then developed some issues on my (3rd Gen Glock 17) frame; jams were frequent. The Pac-Lite and Trail-Lite Rugers and the 10/22s ran impressively. The AR-22 is mostly reliable. Again these are rimfires and ammo consistency comes into play too (several light primer strikes caused us problems and I interrupted the runs to investigate them a bit). Keep those hands warms fellas…we got more testing to do!////////////////Music: Licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw.

    lol i’ll prolly catch hell for this one but this is why Goats such a great guy he’s always doin stupid shit like this. It’s hard to play when you’re laughin on the ground!

  • OP Bad Karma 2009

  • Rama Game Part 2
    goat at F. Rama Game 2010

  • Ft Rama game part 1
    Goat at Ft. Rama Game 2010

  • Menace Airsoft Tech room in Pa. Office with Scapegoat
    a video from goat at the Pa. Office in the Airsoft Tech room notice OCC on TV gets him in the fabrication mood lol.

  • AEG Burst Wizard Review/Shooting
    All new airsoft innovation for those of you who want a burst option on your AEG!—inline-mosfet-conversion.html

  • Ajax with Tactical Airsoft Supply demonstrates his Custom M4 Javelin in the Field
    Ajax with Tactical Airsoft Supply demonstrates his Custom M4 Javelin in the Field. precision, power, accuracy and range. This is what Ajax is all about. From years of actual hands on field experience he has developed a near perfect competitive level and ultra reliable platform. You wont see any manufacture or big box retailer running their products through such harsh conditions on a constant basis.

  • La Ropa Universal by Liam9595

  • Menace Airsoft’s Tactical Loadout Series
    Gear up and let us see whatca got!
    This video series is set up to show
    All airsofters and real steel operators kit loadout rig whatever you call it. This is a way to show off your stuff and gain views as well as make new
    Cyber friends and basically share your knowledge

  • Menace Airsofts Tactical Loadout Series Operator Chris Taylor’s Rig
    This is an addition sent to us by operator chris Taylor one of our field testers for Menace Airsoft.
    Send us your load out vids be it real steel or airsoft runnings We’ll add it to our channel! this is the best way I know of to show the vast array of gear applications and diversity that is Tactical weapons.

  • Gerald Celente -The First Great War of the 21st Century – MIRROR
    Everyone should mirror this.

  • BackPack, Backpack, Yeah!
    No, this is not a vid for Dora the Explorer… Prob should be, have you seen how much she puts in that backpack of hers?

    here is a link to more info:

    Great gear for camping, backpacking and hiking. This unit is roomy and comfortable to tote. A Close-Out lightens the usual price by a lot!

    Lightweight aluminum frame provides support and torso movement
    Breathable foam back ventilates and cushions loads
    Tough 600-denier polyester fabric resists abrasions
    Zip side pockets
    Tool loops, cargo straps and side compression straps
    Fully adjustable torso length
    Fully padded, adjustable hip belt for a custom fit
    Extendable top
    Adjustable shoulder straps
    Daisy chain webbing. Measures 12 x 8 x 26"h. when not expanded. 6 1/4 lbs.

  • Airsoft: TSS is Back! in Orlando
    Info for this place can be found:

    Or you can call them at the number I mention in the video.

  • New Lens Testing on the Flip
    Recorded on April 9, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.

    This is just a random Test for vid with adaptor I installed on the Flip HD..

  • Airsoft: Combat City Indoor Arena! Exciting!
    Information can be found here:

    The indoor arena’s first game is set for April 16.
    The arena is being opened at 522 S Econ Dr, Oviedo 32765 in the Southpark Business Center. This is off of Alafaya Trail / Econ River Place – approximately 1 mile from UCF. (yes about 1000 feet away from HardKnocks Laser Tag)

    The facility is 10,000 sq ft. The new airsoft store will be located here as well. The entire arena is airconditioned.

    ALL GUNS WILL BE BROUGHT IN AND OUT IN A CASE. This is a must and stated in the lease. This area is a mixture of gymnastic places, indoor training facilities, indoor soccer field, and a very small church. The landlord does not want guns in the parking lots or any shooting out there. Parking is not the greatest and we have to be considerate of the other businesses.

    Actual power, water, and restrooms will be a shocking addition to airsoft

    If you are curious about the layout i can tell you this. Scott, Hula, Bill, John, & Auto have spent their time designed the interior from a players standpoint. There will be elevated catwalks and hallways / obstacles. It is not the largest arena by any means, but we are trying to incorporate ideas to make it alot of fun. Low light, black lights, fog machines, sound effects, etc. (i want to rapell inside but ?????)

    April 16 should be the official opening date as if everything goes well.
    The pricing will be right in line with the current pricing at the outdoor, possible just in a different format which will be explained on the new indoor website.
    The hours are slated to be
    Mon, Tues, Wed 1600-2200
    Fri 1200 – 2300
    Sat 1200 – 2300
    Sun 1200 – 2200

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