sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2011

Pyramyd Airsoft Blog: G&G – Capital of Greedy Island?

Tom has been rambling, oops, I mean writing over on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog when he should probably be sleeping:

Their words, not mine.  I’m just the messenger here.

According to my very new and incredible Penpal Tactical Writing Equipment, aka my “Awesome” Pen, I estimate that it’s around 11:24am London Time in your neck of the woods.  That would make it 3:24am Pacific Standard Time in mine.  This incredible device weighs around 3.4 lbs (a gross hyperbole, but it’s very heavy) and allows me to calculate the time pretty much anywhere in the world because of its global clock. It does other cool things like break glass & penetrate various surfaces with the ball point tip without damaging its structural integrity.  Anyway, you might think that’s outrageously late to be up, thinking about Airsoft, but I can assure you that there’s never a bad time of day to be doing such a thing. 


As such, I’ve put some thoughts up on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog about my time at the G&G Booth during this year’s Shot Show, which includes a brief discussion about Snow White and the subliminal adulterated content Walt Disney animators & sound engineers allegedly inserted into some of their classic animated children’s films.


For anyone who’s interested, the new FN Herstal F2000 by G&G Armament, graciously licensed through Cybergun, is “oscar mike” to my grid coordinates for a much needed analysis & review.  I will post my findings on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog faster than you can say, “Chione the Snow Nymph.”  You’ll need to read my latest blog for the heart-warming Cliff Notes story on her.

I hope you, News Fairy, and your wonderful readers have a fantastical weekend.

Tom (

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