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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 2, 2011

  • MGP Raffle 2

  • MGP Raffle 1

  • dv8 tank.wmv
    Tank Deployment.. Filming and keeping up was a task only SHWELL could handle.. 2 Fingers and a Prayer…lol.. Stay tuned for more vids from this event.

  • ARES 40mm High Power Gas Grenade Cartridge (134A / Tp Gas / CO2)

    Try ARES High Power Grenade Shell. Blow your enemy off with over hundred of BB coming out!

    Different gas type version for all weather condition

  • Revision Desert Locust and Wolfspider tactical goggles review by Airsoft Medicine
    Dr. Airsoft of Airsoft Medicine reviews the Revision Military Desert Locust and Wolfspider tactical goggles for use in airsoft. The lenses can withstand a direct hit, but there is a vulnerable seal around the sides of the nose if these goggles are combined with some wire mesh face masks. There is no bb penetration when the goggles are used in combination with the Hakkotsu Iron Face plastic lower face mask.

  • How to mod your airsoft gun part 4 – Changing the piston
    Part 4 of our G&G CQBS and with the shimming of the gear box we move onto the piston

  • 日米共同訓練、対戦車火器射撃演習(01式軽対戦車誘導弾編)
    滋賀県高島市にある陸上自衛隊 饗庭野(あいばの)演習場で、日米共同演習が2011年2月21日より本格的にスタートした。報道陣に公開された演習項目の中で、今回の映像では陸上自衛隊側の01式軽対戦車誘導弾による射撃シーンを収録している。

  • 日米共同訓練、対戦車火器射撃演習(AT-4編)
    滋賀県高島市にある陸上自衛隊 饗庭野(あいばの)演習場で、日米共同演習が2011年2月21日より本格的にスタートした。報道陣に公開された演習項目の中で、今回の映像では米海兵隊側のAT-4による射撃シーンを収録している。

  • Airsoft Evike.com- *NEW* 2011 Thunder B Alarm
    New Project 25

  • Airsoft GI – Robinson Arms XCR by Echo1 is now available both online & in store
    Robinson Arms XCR by Echo1 with GI TV



  • Skirmish 02-27-2011 (Field Testing the 249 Fusion Engine)

  • (Airsoft Review) Insight Interactive airsoft field review
    http://RainbowOps.com – The RAINBOW airsoft team heads off to the Insight Interactive airsoft field to see what it’s all about. The great qualities of this field really shine when you actually get to play a couple of games of airsoft on it. There is a lot of detail that went into making the field look cool and feel as if you were in real combat. Insight’s staff is also great at keeping the games interesting and the airsoft BB’s flying.

    Insight airsoft is an amazing place to play!

    We look forward to having some more airsoft battles here at interactive airsoft!


  • Heading out to the field for Op RED VALLEY
    This is just the ride out to the field by 2 of us Admins. We rode out in style. I gotta get one of those 4 wheelers. Recorded on a Contour HD 720p.

  • MindGame-Productions OP Red Valley Lithia FL.mp4
    More to come. Way too much editing to do. Stay tuned.

  • Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid – part 4
    We’re on facebook now!


    Huge thanks to everyone who helped make this. Special thanks to our composer Karel Antonin, Ehobbyasia, Kessler Crane, and CMR Blackbird Stabilizers.

    Closed Captioning coming soon!

    We are currently working on PART 5.
    Find out more at beatdownboogie.com

    * * * * * *
    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Where did you get the guns?
    They are airsoft guns from http://www.ehobbyasia.com.

    2) What camera equipment do you use?
    We are currently using the Canon 7d. I really love it.
    We also use the Backbird Stabilizer, the only small stabilizer I’ve been impressed with. And we use a Kessler Crane now, which is really nice; fast to set up and move around. For more info on all our gear check out:


    3) Where did you get the costumes?
    There is a detailed breakdown on our blog:


    Most of the tactical/combat gear is also from Ehobbyasia.

    4) What do you use to edit?
    Final Cut pro and After Effects. Rick also uses Maya for the 3d effects.

    5) What is the end credits music?
    All the music in Part 4 is composed by Karel Antonin except for the end credits music, which is composed by Cassidy Bisher.

    * * * * * *
    Thanks for all the great comments!
    News on future episodes can be found on our blog.

    Beat Down Boogie Blog:


    Beat Down Boogie on Facebook:


    Beat Down Boogie on Twitter:


  • CQB CITY FEBRUARY 26th 2011 (Zombie Survival Roni Carbine Kit MP5K TMP9 Glock 1911 P226 Tri Shot)

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    RT: http://twitter.com/home?status=you%20gottta%20check%20out%20this%20epic%20ZOMBIE%20video%20from%20@MilsimJunkie%20%20it%20crazy!%20http://youtu.be/HvB7z8Vrwkk


    Note: Viewer Desecration is advised some of the clips are left uncut and therefore may contain strong language.


    Gameday: February 26, 2011


    Gametype: Zombie Survival


    Objective: Survive and find Scientist who is hidden within the city


    Most notable weapon of the day: UTG Tri-Shot Shotgun


    Please visit: http://www.milsimjunkie.com
    Please follow: http://www.youtube.com/milsimjunkie1

    PS3版およびXbox 360版『OPERATION FLASHPOINT: RED RIVER』の公式サイトがオープン!
    © 2010 The Codemasters Software Company Limited ("Codemasters"). All rights reserved. "Codemasters"® is a registered trademark owned by Codemasters. "Operation Flashpoint"™, "Red River"™, "EGO"™ and the Codemasters logo are trademarks of Codemasters. All other copyrights or trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are being used under license. Use of military imagery from Defenseimagery.mil does not constitute or imply endorsement by the Department of Defense.

  • Airsoft Evike.com- Favorite Action Movie Line! Challenge
    Favorite Action Movie Line! Challenge

    -Maximum of 3 minutes
    -Must be Original Content (no recording a movie)
    -Must use the Original dialogue
    -Must be creative for extra points!
    -Must use airsoft guns/gear
    -Have fun doing it!

    The final due date is March 11, 2011
    We’ll announce the winner on Monday, March 14, 2011
    Grand Prize winner: Cybergun Thompson Military M1A1

    For more information please email webmaster@evike.com if you have any questions.

  • BLACKHAWK! Tanto Short & Tall Boots from U.S. Cavalry
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  • OVERSTOCK SALE: Propper APECS ABU Gore-Tex Parka and Pant by U.S. Cavalry
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