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  • British Army Apaches at Duxford 2011

  • ICS GLM ICS-190 Airsoft Multiple Grenade Launcher Gun and ICS MA-77 Gas Grenades Demo
    Xaviermace from Airsoftretreat demonstrates the functionality of the ICS-190 GLM airsoft multiple grenade launcher. This six shell launcher features many advanced functions, such as an over-rotation lock, ambidextrous safety, and three angle, six position crane stock. The ICS MA-77 40 mm shells are also disassembled

  • CQB CITY – CTAS Competitive Shooting Demo (March 19, 2011)

    CTAS giving players a new way of playing airsoft with their competitive shooting demo.


    CQB City
    Stockton, California


    Please visit: http://www.milsimjunkie.com
    Please follow: http://www.twitter.com/milsimjunkie


    Gameday: March 19, 2011


    CQB City
    Stockton, California


    Most notable weapon of the day was a SIG P226
    Most notable tactical gear of the day was a Pantac sub-load rig by the same operator


    Please visit: http://www.milsimjunkie.com
    Please follow: http://www.twitter.com/milsimjunkie

  • TNP Hosts Kel-Tec: Intro Lunch!
    Say hello again to Chad from Kel-Tec, flying in for a multi-day shoot with The Nutnfancy Project. The TNP camera rolls as we score some good burgers, joke around, talk about the upcoming shooting drills, Chad not reserving a rental car, and the Kel-Tec guns. PFIDude comes along for this TNP Kel-Tec experience. Expect many vids to follow on the adventure. Burger me. /////////////////////////Music: Jason Shaw

  • PWS Diablo and MK Series Airsoft AEGs by SOCOM Gear
    Brand new PWS line of AEGs by SOCOM Gear.

    Fully licensed by PWS (Primary Weapon Systems these AEGs were designed with the player in mind, more bang for your buck.

    Features a fully licensed PWS receiver, MadBull PWS fully licensed free float rail system, MadBull one piece outer barrel, and a free MadBull fully licensed PWS compensator!

    More info at, socomgear.com

    Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

  • Airsoft GI – Heckler Koch USP Gas Blow Back Pistol by KWA

    Aluminum Slide – Check
    HK Trades – Check
    NS2 – Check
    KWA Awesome – Check

  • KWC/CyberGun CO2 BlowBack Desert Eagle Airsoft Shooting Test


  • Thunder B testing Finally!

  • Airsoft GI – King Arms Colt Magpul MOE M4 Full Metal AEG with AIMS Sports Sights
    Guns: http://www.airsoftgi.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=king+arms+colt+magpul&x=0&y=0

    Sights: http://www.airsoftgi.com/advanced_search_result.php?search_in_keywords=1&plural=1&s=1&keywords=aim+sport

    Combine the authenticity and build quality of the King Arms Colt Magpul MOE M4 with the amazing clarity of the AIM Sports optics and you’ve got a deadly combo.

  • AEG Burst Wizard Plug’N'Play Mosfet Review -ASTKilo23-
    AEG Burst Wizard Plug’N'Play Mosfet Review -ASTKilo23-

    the Burst Wizard mosfet unit runs for $39.99 on aegwizard.com.


    it has several option:
    -burst fire (select a burst anywhere from 2-25 rounds)
    -sniper mode (forces a 1 second delay between each shot fired, whether it is burst, full auto, or semi auto)
    -rate of fire control (select a rate of fire from 100% down to about 50% of normal)
    -disables full auto and can read you the voltage of your battery

    this mosfet does not have a resettable fuse and does not act as a fuse in any way. for my uses, it is well worth the money and performs as advertised well enough.

  • Airsoft GI – Boarding Operations at Integrity Tactical Solutions Part Deux
    Bob made another trip down to San Diego to play at Integrity Tactical Solutions. He played so hard it made him sick.

  • ICS MP5A2 Airsoft Gun Overview
    The ICS MP5A2 is an awesome airsoft gun. The work horse in the ICS lineup these MP5’s will perform like no other! Perfect for cqb and field play. Price is very affordable for such a great gun.

    For more info please visit http://www.milspecairsoft.com/index.php/ics-mx5-a2.html

    Follow my guns @ http://www.skirmishreport.com

  • Tactical Mortar HL1 ZOXNA
    New tactical mortar HL1 ZOXNA for artillery water, airsoft and paintball.

  • Mortero Táctico HL1 ZOXNA
    Nuevo mortero táctico HL1 ZOXNA para artillery water, airsoft y paintball.

  • Chat Daily eith Shwell Airsoftforums.mp4
    To log in for the first time..

    Then when the next window comes up, just create a chat account and log in.. Let me know if you have trouble. This is a Flash Chat, so Flash is a must.


  • Airsplat Custom Buildout Contest! Contestant #3 Gerard Bajamundi – Custom airsoft SR25 Rifle AEG
    Got to the link to vote! This is Contestant #3 Gerard Bajamundi – in the AirSplat Custom Build Out Contest, they built a custom Custom SR-25 DMR airsoft Sniper Rifle Below are the specifications of their buildout:

    External Upgrades:

    -JBU Barrel Extension
    -Madbull JP Rifle Conversion Kit (MED)
    -Madbull JP Rifle Upper Receiver for CA M15 Old Type (TAN)
    -Magpul ACM MBUS Back Up Sights (Dark Earth)
    -NC Star High Profile See-Through Ring Mounts w/ RIS
    -Magpul PTS M16 P-Mag 70rds Short Mid Cap Mag
    -Magpul PTS MOE Grip for M4/M16 (Black)
    -Bar-10 Illuminated x3-9 Scope
    -Classic Army Harris Bipod w/ RIS Mount
    -14mm Clockwise to Counter Clockwise Thread Adaptor

    Internals Upgrades

    Systema Magnum Motor (Long)
    -Echo 1 M16 Wire Set
    -Aim Monster Infinity Torque Up Gear Set w/ Piston
    -Modify Bore-Up Cylinder Set for M16
    -Polar Star SCS Hop-Up Bucking
    -Systema Energy M140 Oil Tempered Wire Spring
    -PDI 6.01mm Inner Barrel (509mm)

  • Redwolf Airsoft – Hamster Man VS Top M4

  • Helikon jacket and Under Garments for the Airsofter
    I look at the Helikon Gunfighter Jacket and some under garments that will keep you warm in the cold! All available from thecamoshop.ie

  • S-Thunder Airsoft Landmines!

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