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BCB device to keep you cool in hot weather

BCB will be showcasing a new portable personal water cooler at IWA in Germany this weekend:

Device will keep outdoor enthusiast cool in hot weather

imageA groundbreaking portable personal water cooler which can reduce the temperature of users’ drinking water by up to 25ºC (45ºF) in hot, arid climates is set to be a hit with outdoor enthusiasts visiting this year’s IWA and Outdoor Classics Show in Nuremberg, Germany (11-14th March 2011)

For lovers of the great outdoors having quick access to a supply of cool water is essential in hot, dry climates.  All too often, standard hydration packs used by outdoor enthusiasts let them down in hot conditions because the drinking water is warm and unpalatable which discourages them from drinking enough water to maintain hydration levels. An innovation by survival equipment specialists, BCB International, called the “Chilly”, will now make warm unpalatable water a thing of the past claims the UK based company.

imageIn hot, dry climates the “Chilly” ensures that users have a continuous supply of cool palatable water.  This ingenious device works by evaporation alone, no batteries are required.  Water passes through a series of cooling fins that use microscopic holes to allow water to seep onto the wicking cloth.

imageBCB’s International Sales Manager, Chris Brooke said: “The Chilly Cooler represents a major leap forward in hydration for outdoor enthusiasts.  Weighing only 14.4oz, the Chilly is a lightweight solution to a problem that has dogged people operating in hot and dry climates for many years.  It’s an easy to use and effective water cooling system that clips easily to most hydration systems and works immediately.

“The Chilly has been tried and tested by UK troops and journalists serving in and reporting in hot, arid climates including Afghanistan.  They have told us that the Chilly makes a real difference because it helps them feel cool and stay hydrated for longer in hot conditions.”

BCB International will be exhibiting their range of products in Hall 4 at Stand 244 (BCB)

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