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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 6, 2011

  • Anzio 5th of March 2011
    A video taken during our 5th march shoot at Anzio Camp in Staffordshire

  • March 5th Combat City
    This was the 3rd Free game in about 6 months. I had fun while I was there.. The NorthTeam was really aggressive and made ez work of the southern team.

  • Combative Airsoft War 3-5-11 (HVA) Helmet Cam
    This is just one of the many wars recorded on the 5th at HVA!

  • Help a player out?
    I created this video using my Logitech webcam software.

  • Black ops Elite Airsoft Night Skirmish May 2009
    Black ops Elite Airsoft Fights in the Skull valley desert of utah. This lost footage has been edited and put up for your viewing pleasure. Please tell your friends about TAS801 Airsoft!

  • How to mod your airsoft gun part 7 – externals
    We have finished the internals and now Chris changes the externals

  • Ares Tavor, SA58, ICS L86 Airsoft War Scotland 2011 HD
    1 of almost 300 Airsoft War videos filmed in the UK to see more go to or just Google “Scoutthedoggie”

    I have almost 20,000 followers on Facebook at

    Filmed at NCIS Airsoft which is close to Edinburgh, scotland, you will need to register on their website to find out game dates, cost to play etc at

    Filmed on a Canon Sx10is at 1080p HD, edited on an Apple MacBook pro using iMovie 09. There is no camera crew used to make these videos its all done by one person…ME.

    If you need Airsoft guns in the UK then I usually buy from

  • “Arctic Ops: Mosin-Nagant 91/30″ by Nutnfancy
    Practical cold weather testing of the Mosin-Nagan 91/30. With friend Cr0cket20, we launch out into the snow for engagements on steel plates to see what this rifle can do in these conditions. Temps ranged from 20ºF down to 15ºF later on. This particular Mosin-Nagant 1927 model wears my DuraCoat job in “Tactical Grey Green” (perfect color for the gun) and a Millet 1″ red dot sight in a S&K brand scope base mounting in the rear sight area. In low light and overall speed this is a superior set up to the iron sights of the Mosin as proven in testing. The S&K mount has proven 100% stable in extensive testing as well (install carefully with blue Loc-Tite). In this outing, this Mosin 91/30 excels in the cold and the snow and shows that its battle-born pedigree still holds up. But be careful how you load those shells: it can experience rim lock if the cartridges are not loaded in forward stacking fashion, despite the “interrupter” in the magazine. This has happened at every stage of TNP testing. Firing the Mosin fast and accurately takes commitment and the user needs to cycle the bolt with authority and conviction. Short stroking the bolt can cause hangups as well. The trigger is pretty much awful but a good shooter can work through it and achieve remarkable accuracy. Our targets here range out to 175 yards, an approximately man-sized IPSC plate. The Mosin is not however a modern bolt action design and more modern offerings from Marlin, Savage, Ruger, and Remington will offer greater speed, ergonomics, optics versatility, and perhaps even accuracy. But for the money spent, around $100, you won’t be able to touch it for overall effectiveness and range. And with its ammo currently very affordable, it offers tremendous recreation and training to the military rifle enthusiast. Expect a sore shoulder and a big grin after running the Mosin like this. In terms of value and fun, the Mosin-Nagant is a homerun even when the temperature plummets and snow falls. ////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale as outfitted: 8 out of 10///////////////////////Music: Licensed from Nijdef

  • Echo1 Zombat For Sale/HVA
    Check it Out here:



  • How to mod your airsoft gun part 6 – Changing the Trigger Contacts and testing the GearBox
    airsoft cybergun magpul classic army kwa warrior g&g bb’s celcuis softair joule fps paint ball jing gong modern warfare cod systema apple macbook pro imovie canon 550d elph 4500 ixus 90is tachyon gopro battles milsim combat gaming hakkatsu thunder b s thunder acm asg we multicam dpm m90 soldier of fortune ww2 paratrooper 101st airborne fallschirmjagger m4 ak 47 masada action team skirmish carbine ris rail military simulation spec ops
    high caps mid caps hand guns APS Element

  • Slow motion lightbulb shooting
    Shooting a lightbulb with an airsoft gun at 420 frames per second. Stop complaining about mercury. The consecrated amount is so little it would not affect a human. Let alone the fact that I shot this OUTSIDE!

  • Magpul Art Of The Tactical Carbine Vol 2 DVD from U.S. Cavalry
    Find this item at:

  • TSD Sports – Competition SR4 RFR – Episode 20

    Great accuracy, low price, light weight abs, consistent shooting, and a fast responding gear box make this airsoft rifle the ultimate battlefield weapon!

  • Inside the Mechbox: G&G Combat Machines M4 AEG Airsoft Gun Complete Upgrade Pt. 3

    Check out Part 3 of the complete upgrade of the G&G M4 Combat Machines Airsoft Electric Gun Rifle. ASTKilo23’s Prodigy shows us how to do a complete internal upgrade of this AEG. In this video he demonstrates the proper installation of a Deep Fire Aluminum nozzle and Deepfire Chromium Cylinder in the combat machines m4 airsoft rifle, as well as performance tests over the stock model.

    **All Airsoft Guns Require Orange Tips**

  • Airsoft GI – Robinson Arms XCR Shooting Video and Chrono

    See the XCR in action as Bob takes out some cardboard IPSC targets.

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