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Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2 Soundflash Grenade Kit B - Worth it.

Reviewer: S28Drum109
Rank: LTC
Location: Poquoson, VA
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So I just got mine today and was very excited to test it. When I opened the box I was very surprised at how light the package was, only about one pound. The entire grenade was in about 4 different pieces, and had no instructions on how to assemble the grenade. Shorty does an OK job of explaining it, but pictures would be nice.

Once the grenade was armed I went to my garage to set it off, but no "pop" ever happened. You will have to screw the shell onto the core EXTREMELY tight for a good toss. On the second toss, the results were more than what I had expected. The pop was so loud that I had ringing in one ear for a few seconds after. The shell had split open nice and wide just as Shorty said it would. The third test was with about 40 BBs (20 .12g and 20 .2g) in the shell and the results were once again better than I had hoped.

This grenade has solved almost every problem set from past airsoft grenades. With the way it works (A pin hitting the CO2), it seems almost impossible to wear out.

Low unit cost
Can fill many grenade type roles
Fun to use.

Not reusable
Hard to "work" the first toss
No instructions.

My only suggestion would be to buy a pack of extra shells, and Shorty needs to carry extra primer cores, to carry more than one grenade.

Overall 10/10

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