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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: February 13, 2011

  • ナイツタイプ QDサプレッサー型 トレーサー!!
    米軍のSOPMODにも採用されているモデルの ナイツタイプ QDサプレッサー内部に東京マルイフルオートトレーサーを内蔵しました。

  • TSD CO2 BlowBack 1911 Airsoft Chrono
    Buy it here!–metal-slide-450–fps–bbw.html

  • MGP Tac Ops 4 teaser
    This is a teaser vid of a Feature I am creating.. This is a CQB event put on by Mind Game Productions.. MGP is the biggest Airsoft Production crew in Florida (maybe entire South East). These Tac Ops events have been a great addition to their game series.

    Excuse the language, there was a lot of pain invloved in this vids..

  • The Music Behind TIAT – David Shakiban (Cusp)
    Link: David Shakiban’s music has been featured in more Tying It All Together videos than any other.And his new album, "Cusp", features nearly all of those songs. Lose yourself in the music, that inspires me, and my videos. Purchase Cusp, David Shakiban’s new album, available now –

  • Airsoft War Games Tanaka Kar98 Dboys Scar Cyma AK74Su Scotland HD
    1 of almost 300 Airsoft War videos filmed in the UK to see more go to or just Google "Scoutthedoggie" FaceBook Link…
    If you wish to play at this site then go to their website were game dates and more details are available, contact POW for more information

  • (Airsoft Uncut) squ1d – MOUT field game play – This is uncut raw footage of an airsoft war at Desert Fox MOUT in Oro Grande, CA. The RAINBOW airsoft team plays here often.

    In this video we are following squ1d after he made his way around behind the enemy just before they launched a huge push on our base. What follows is pure airsoft mayhem. Enjoy!

    Weapon being used is a KWA SR7

  • Redwolf Airsoft – New Product 24
    Airsoft Surgeon pistols, Marushin X-Cartridge 8mm revolvers, Marui Boys SOPMOD M4 and a couple of carbine kits.
    Products in this video can be found here:

  • Airsoft GI – King Arms GBBR Colt M4 Carbine Airsoft Gun

    The first ATF Approved GBBR, see it in action here!

  • Airsoft The Myth of Li-Po Batteries

  • Inside the Mechbox: G&G Combat Machines M4 AEG Airsoft Gun Complete Upgrade Pt. 1
    Check out Part 1 of the complete upgrade of the G&G M4 Combat Machines Airsoft Electric Gun Rifle. ASTKilo23’s Prodigy shows us how to do a complete internal upgrade of this AEG.

    *All Airsoft Guns Require Orange Tips*

  • Airsoft GI – Mystery Box Construction Video
    This is just to give you some idea of how the mystery boxes at Airsoft GI are constructed.

  • What is Airsoft? Spread the Sport! This is the Video to See! -ASTKilo23-
    What is Airsoft? Spread the Sport! This is the Video to See! -ASTKilo23-

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