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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: February 2, 2011

  • Grand Aquarium, Ocean Park – Hong Kong (香港海洋公園夢幻水都海洋奇觀)
    Music: Christopher Ashmore – Golden Eyes

  • MADBULL_M922A1.MP4

  • Thumpy visits Ares-Systema & Z-Shot at SHOT Show 2011
    They make some of the world’s finest airsoft arms…and represent some of the most INNOVATIVE lines in the Airsoft WORLD. So, it was a natural that Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft would visit our buddy Wallace Lau, to see what Z-SHOT surprises were on-the-floor at the 2011 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. All Thumpy’s coverage is EXCLUSIVELY SPONSORED by BIG BOY TOYS

  • FLYYE Military Grade Molle SPC Armor Vest – eHobbyAsia Airsoft

    Flyye Industries keeps their promise to produce the latest Military Grade Combat Gear – SPC Body Armor.

    Scalable Plate Carrier (SPC) is the body armor that is lighter and more flexible than the USMC Modular Tactical Vest (MTV) or similar systems derived from the Interceptor Multi-Threat Body Armor System. This design is developed as a replacement for the Marine’s IOTV and CIRAS body armor.

    While this Vest built by Mil-spec grade INVISTA 1000D CORDURA® Nylon, yet it can increase the mobility of the operator. With greater mobility and reduced thermal stress in high elevations, thick vegetation and tropical environments than that provided by the MTV, Flyye just did it.

  • G&P PMAG vs GI30 M4 Gas Operated Airsoft Magazine
    Just to show you the different of G&P Gas Operated Magazine.

  • ICS M4 RIS PCR-97: Swiss-Cheesed Piston and Ported Piston Head -ASTKilo23-
    ICS M4 RIS PCR-97: Swiss-Cheesed Piston and Ported Piston Head -ASTKilo23-
    a short video showing what happens when you make slight modification to an airsoft gun’s internal parts.

  • PeopleAirsoft.com – ECHO 1 USA M28 7.62 Suppressor
    Echo 1 M28 mock 7.62 suppressor. This is a BIG suppressor and threads in the middle for a flush look. It is a very large mock silencer but accurately depicts that of a large 7.62 style which the M28 is based off of.

  • Airsoft GI – Echo 1 M240 Bravo Dynamic Target Shooting with Bob the Axeman

    One of the most exciting releases this year, the Echo 1 M240 Bravo!

  • PeopleAirsoft.com – Madbull Surefire Mock Suppressors Overview
    New Madbull Surefire mock suppressors. These are fully licensed and are top notch quallity. Although a bit more expensive than Madbull’s previous line of silencers these include the steel flash suppressors. Definitely recommend these to any airsofter.

  • Pekiti-Tirsia Kali – Classic Clip 3
    Local News Feature of the 1982 Training Camp and Instructors Certification Course. This week-long camp was held in Big Spring, Texas and featured Grand Tuhon Gaje, Guro Dan Inosanto, Magino’o Tom Bisio, and other leading instructors.

  • 782 Gear Flash-Lite FR Shemaughlava
    Find this item at:


  • 782 Gear Flash-Lite FR Balaclava from U.S. Cavalry
    Find this item at:


  • Warrior Assault Systems Centurion Mk1 Combo
    We look at the WARRIOR ASSAULT SYSTEM chest rig. Using a green screen the images of multicam can make the background shine through – no we are not ghosts!

  • Troy Industries CAR-14 – SHOT Show 2011 – AR15.Com
    A look at Troy’s CAR-14 rifle from SHOT Show 2011.

  • Mako Defense (Mako Group) – Israeli Method Training – SHOT Show 2011 – AR15.Com
    A demonstration from Mako Defense of their training methods and what to expect from their courses. Demo was given on the floor at SHOT Show 2011.

  • GHK AKM 射擊影片

  • Patriot Ordnance Factory – POF – SHOT Show 2011 – AR15.Com
    Frank, from POF USA, shows us their new rifles at SHOT Show 2011. Near the end of the video we take a look at a cut away upper which highlights the differences POF is well known for.

  • Nutnfancy SHOT Show 2011: Beretta Set to Embarrass ACR!
    Beretta swoops in from left field with the seemingly excellent ARX160 tactical carbine, set to come ashore sometime in the future. Here’s a first look at this impressive little 6.5 lb carbine lb (about time someone other than Kel-Tec got the weight right!). Here you will see us check out some of its cool features: seriously quick-change barrels (which have medium profile), inside-trigger-guard bolt release, no tool takedown, on-the-fly ambi bolt handle and ejection selection (wow), ambi safety, constant-engagement piston (no carrier tilt here), full railing, and excellent balance and trigger. Granted this is a first look and the proof lies in the shooting to discover the real ergos, accuracy, and durability. But all things are looking up with the impressive ARX160, especially its slated $1500-$1700 street price (subject to change). That puts it in the same value ballpark as a Ruger SR-556. In terms of weight, simplicity of design, and value it seems like it could deliver all the things the ACR and SCAR (value) series have not. Downsides might be the thicker handguard, the slim pistol grip, and limited adjustable stock; all of which might change in the production version. The ARX160 could be a big win for Beretta. Also we manage to get the admission that a .22 ARX version may be on the way as well. In the vid and here, I admonish Beretta to look carefully at the Sig 522 on how to make such a gun reliable with most ammo; dual stainless rails on which a highly polished bolt rides are advisable. Prior to the lengthy ARX distraction we manage to zone in on some other Beretta high points as well. With PFIDude in tow and booth host Ben Cook, we look at the PX4 Storm (Special Duty .45 ACP # JXF5F45 version too), the Beretta 96A1. 40, the U22 Neos, and its cool Carbine kit. Expect an entertaining discussion where we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we get serious on the guns. Ben is another TNP Gold Star host who rolled with perfection with the Nutnfancy style…big thanks for his time and sense of humor. Beretta fans rejoice…TNP in the house! ///////////////////////// Music: Kevin MacLeod

  • Redwolf Airsoft – G&P U.S. Navy Mk.23 MG
    A replica of the Stoner 63, the modular weapon in its LMG state is recreated by G&P in thi AEG format. Making use of a Version2 gearbox and a 1200 round auto winding magazine it offers an effective approach for an Airsoft high mobility support weapon.

    Product link: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/AEG_AEP_G_P_U_S_Navy_Mk_23_MG.htm

  • REVIEW: ICS M4 RIS PCR-97 Airsoft Electric Rifle – Part 3: Internal Report -ASTKilo23-
    REVIEW: ICS M4 RIS PCR-97 Airsoft Electric Rifle – Part 3: Internal Report -ASTKilo23-
    an in depth look at the internals of the ICS M4 RIS.

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