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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: February 18, 2011

    1 of almost 300 Airsoft War videos filmed in the UK to see more go to or just Google "Scoutthedoggie"

    I have almost 20,000 followers on Facebook at

    Filmed at NCIS Airsoft which is close to Edinburgh, scotland, you will need to register on their website to find out game dates, cost to play etc at

    Filmed on a Canon Sx10is at 1080p HD, edited on an Apple MacBook pro using iMovie 09. There is no camera crew used to make these videos its all done by one person…ME. If you need Airsoft guns in the UK then I usually buy from

  • 6mm Ping Pong Ball (Airsoft BB) Extreme Fun
    High density airsoft bbs make good ping pong balls (if you dare!)

  • Rad & Ajax From Tactical Airsoft Supply Break down the Ajax Custom G&G GR16
    Rad & Ajax From Tactical Airsoft Supply Break down the Ajax Custom G&G GR16

    After several questions about the Ajax Customs, Ajax himself breaks-down the Ajax Custom G&G GR16 . Want to know about buying an Ajax Custom visit Tactical Airsoft Supply dot kom then go to Ajax Customs on the website and build your very own Ajax custom rifle.
    We want to thank you all for you support which grows the Sport/hobby= lifestyle we call Airsoft.

  • Airsoft WE G39 GBB Series

  • D-BOYS SCAR Airsoft Chrono
    Buy it here:–black.html

  • WELL G96 Gas Powered Sniper Rifle Review
    Another review brought to you by & I. Enjoy everyone!!
    For price and further details click on the provided link:

  • Airsoft GI – Cheytac M200 Intervention Sniper Rifle (lic. by SOCOM Gear) Review

    The SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 is a gas powered 8mm bolt action sniper rifle, and a behemoth of gun!

  • (Airsoft Review) KWA 1911 Review
    Check out Ranger as he does a review on the KWA 1911 A1 Pistol. This airsoft pistol is one of the best in its class. Shooting at around 350FPS with a 15 round mag, your bound to get some awesome airsoft kills.

  • Airsoft GI – Operation Golden Rabbit at the GI Walk-In Store
    Our first sale of 2011, don’t miss it!

  • (Airsoft Uncut) Ranger – Stuck in a bus – Ranger and Irish get trapped in a bus and then decide to dominate the OpFor. Watch this crazy airsoft battle turn into an all out airsoft war.

    To read the reason RAINBOW was banned from Jericho Airsoft fields, please follow this link:

  • Airsoft GI – Hakkotsu Thunder B Sound Grenades Review

    Get all of your Thunder B supplies right here at Airsoft GI

  • Airsoft Helmet Stark. First fast video…

  • Airsoft – WE Hi Power Review
    You can check out the gun here:

    The WE-Tech "Hi-Power" is a replica based off the popular Hi-Power Pistol introduced to the world in 1935. The Hi-Power is one of the most widely used military pistols of all time, having been used by the armed forces of over 50 countries. Its first use was primarily in World War II as one of the most popular sidearms of the time.
    This stunning replica by WE-Tech definitely does the original pistol justice. The WE Hi-Power includes a precision machined barrel assembly, Realistic Faux-Wood Grips, Adjustable Elevation Sight, and beautiful Full Metal Slide and Lower Receiver. This is all topped off by an efficient blowback system and solid trigger response.
    Whether you are an avid WWII Airsoft player, a collector, or just want a great looking gun the WE-Tech Hi-Power is one of the best replica pistols to come to the Airsoft market to date.

    Dimension: 205mm x 130mm
    Gas Type: Green gas, Red gas, Propane adapter
    Ammo Type: 0.20g or 0.25g. Matrix & compatible high grade bb recommended for best performance
    Muzzle Velocity: 300~315 FPS
    Magazine: 20+1 (6mm Airsoft BBs). Spare magazine available here at!

    System: Gas Blowback.
    Package Includes: Gun, Orange Tip, Magazine and Manual.
    Manufacturer: WE / Distributed in the USA by Matrix

    Features :
    - 100% parts support ensuring this pistol to never goes out of service on you by your WE USA distributor!
    - Diamond Pattern Faux-Wood Grip Panels pre-installed
    - Textured magazine release
    - Adjustable Elevation Rear Sight
    - Full Metal frame and slide with forward cocking serration
    - Realistic Blowback Action
    - Metal reinforced outer barrel, chamber, recoil spring guide rod, on frame safety, slide stop, hammer and trigger.

    * It is a good idea to let your magazine return to regular temperature before using it again for optimized performance. We recommend spare magazine for best performance on all GBB.

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