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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: February 11, 2011

  • 02-10-11 unboxing video
    this is only 2 out of the 4-6 items that we are giving away! guys thx again for 20k its amazing we got here and look forward to a video coming soon

  • RA TECH WE SCAR CNC steel bolt MARUI HI Capa steel slider prototype & WE M14 Intergrated Trigger Box

  • 電動エアガン 7mmベアリング軸受け加工


  • GHK 2011-GKM GBB
    2011-GKM GBB

  • WGC Shop Unboxing – 09 FEB 11 – Pt 4
    Taking a look at the DYTAC SERPA style holster for Glocks in Multicam, the LCT AK side trail, and the Action AK-M4 front end adapter kit.

  • E&T グレネードカート 単発 口径18mm

  • How to Make a Fusion Knot Necklace by TIAT
    The Fusion Knot Necklace is the integration of three knot components, the Double-Double Coin Knot, the Zipper Sinnet, and the Overhand Knot. All three of these components are presented in my new book ‘Decorative Fusion Knots’, still here I provide one of the many possibilities for integrating these three techniques. My hope is to inspire even more knotting combinations and ideas of your own. Video production by JD of Tying It All Together.

  • This is what was in the mystery box (Feb)
    This is the JG I got in my Battle Star Mystery box.

  • Well M4 CQB Gas Blowback Rifle Review
    Low cost entry level gas blowback airsoft rifle. The Well M4 CQB is a decent buy for the money.

  • ASGI Battle star mystery box opening
    yup, here it is.. 1 or 2 mystery boxes I ordered.. As expected…. I got what I paid for.

  • spugesdu CGI Portfolio – 2011 (Mostly Lego Star Wars)
    Including footage not yet seen on YouTube, enjoy!

  • TSD CO2 BlowBack 1911 Airsoft Pistol Shooting (Slow-Motion)
    Buy it here:–metal-slide-450–fps–bbw.html

  • WGC Shop Unboxing – 09 FEB 11 – Pt 3
    Looking at the midcap magazines for the KA FAL series, as well as the 20mm scope mount. Also finding a bunch more stuff I’d ordered inside another box, then the battery runs out… but not to worry, it gets recharged and the show goes on in part 4.

  • King Arms – Thompson M1A1 AEG Review by RFR – episode 18

    Fun, ACCURATE, realistic replica of a historical piece, and GREAT for the field! It might be after Christmas, but Santa didn’t forget Barry – he was just saving the best for last!
    Watch our review to see why we call the King Arms Thompson the "most accurate gun we’ve had on our show – ever!"

  • LEGO Star Wars: Juggernaught (4 Year Anniversary Re-release)
    Thanks for staying faithful guys, I promise that S42VI will come out this summer and be one of the best Lego Star Wars videos ever. ;)

  • ASB tech dept and a user shoutout!
    That’s right, more praise for the service ASB has brought to Florida’s growing Airsoft scene/community.

    Also a thank you to:

  • FREE Game! Combat City Orlando
    That’s Right, it is time again for another free event at Combat City. Come show your support by just, ummm, Showing up.


    Gameday: February 6, 2011


    CQB City
    Stockton, California


    Most notable weapon of the day was an ARES TAR 21


    Please Visit:
    Please Follow:


  • WGC Shop Unboxing – 09 FEB 11 – Pt 2
    Firign straight in to the order, starting off with the PTS EMAGs, the Ranger plates and some of the Beta Project translucent AK magazines.

  • Airsoft GI – 8 G4s for 80,000 Facebook Likes Give Away
    In celebration for getting 80,000 likes on Facebook….well just watch the video, it will explain it.

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