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PenCott Camo Targets U.S. Army

With UPC on the way out, it’s no secret that camouflage patterns such as MultiCam and A-TACS are gaining popularity. So, really, it was only a matter time until another company tossed its hat in the ring.

That company? Hyde Definition, a U.K. digital camouflage designer. Hyde announced last week that it has submitted PenCott for consideration to be part of the U.S. Army’s next-generation family of camouflage.

Launched in 2008, PenCott is the Hyde’s custom digital camouflage that uses “complex, hybrid, fractal geometry to more effectively disguise the wearer … by dithering the different contrasting colors and tones into and against one another to give the illusion of several more colors and to create a combination of blurred and sharp edges and shapes.”

While A-TACS mimics Monet’s painting style, PenCott looks more like a reptilian acid trip. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The pattern exudes a certain texture that heightens concealment to the nth degree. See for yourself, and check out the online gallery that shows PenCott in action.

What do you think of PenCott? Will it beat out the competition for U.S. Army adoration?

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