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Military Times Gear Scout: UCP Is Dead

ACU Afghanistan

Time to really let it out of the system: "The UCP is dead". What has been lengthily debated in many military and airsoft forums is the "controversial" decision by the US military to adop the ACU as the universal pattern for any terrain and environment. In airsoft, many have moved to multicam pattern earlier than the military, perhaps they know the advantages of the multicam pattern over the ACU.

According to Military Time's Gear Scout, the US Army wants to move on and be able to provide the troops with three new patterns for the different operating environments that they expect their troops to be on. It is admitted by Fort Benning's Major Brett Lord that "The Uniform I am wearing doesn't do the best job at concealing soldiers." Even with all those comparisons against some camouflage patterns in the market today, showing the ACU to be a poor match against the new ones, the US Army stuck with it.

Furthermore in the story, the US Army is soliciting submissions from the private industry and government. Hyde Defintion had submitted their own patterns for consideration, and perhaps A-TACS too. Three will be accepted for further testing from the private industry, and two from the government. For the meantine the multicam pattern is being fast deployed to the troops in Afghanistan. Gear Scout mentions that the AOR or USMC's MARPAT might also be in contention for the new patterns to be issued to the troops in the future.

As for the ACU, well, it has a proper place right in the living room, and expect such a good supply when there will be abundance in surplus.  Photo below shows how well it performs well on the sofa. You can use it as wallpaper, as bathroom curtain, there's a million ways to use this pattern, as long as it is not in combat.

Photo above: We found it  in our archives, but we think the source is Military Morons. Please do correct us if you know the original source.

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