segunda-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2010

S-Thunder & GreyOps New Year’s prize giveaway

S-Thunder and GreyOps are running a New Year prize giveaway:

S-Thunder hopes everyone has had a wonderful Christmas.

To continue this festive season and in celebration of the New Year, S-Thunder has teamed up with GreyOps ( in a special New Year’s prize competition and to give 2011 a great bang, S-THUNDER & GREYOPS ARE GIVING AWAY TWO (2) GRENADE LAUNCHERS!!!


As demonstrated by S-Thunder and media reviewers / testers from around the world, S-Thunder’s grenade launchers are compatible with all 40mm grenade shells and S-Thunder’s M203 style shells which can fire a variety of projectiles including paintballs (.43, .50, .68 cal), bb’s, pepper balls, smoke powder, paint / water, foam rockets etc which can be seen here,



Just become a FAN of S-THUNDER’s FACEBOOK PAGE at and visit to for specific details and to enter the contest!

S-Thunder wishes everyone a fantastic and safe holiday season!

The S-Thunder TEAM (S-Thunder Limited)

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