quarta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2010

The Latest from Airsoft Community Italy

SnipeMK 01 ASC

Right on the clock, the weekly updates from Airsoft Community Italy are sent over for posting. This time they have a review of the Italian-made Sniper MK gas grenades and a walk around of the Tokyo Marui PMC AEG... "Hello, I am Marino, aka Mazariol, from the Italian airsoft site Airsoft Community.it. Here are our latest updates.

Ghigno it has signed a review depicting the SniperMk SMK132 and SMK54 gas grenades.

Also, we present a walkaround dedicated to the result of Tokyo Marui raid into the Stubby sector: the Tokyo Marui PMC Limited Edition.

Hoping you will appreciate our latest works, have our heartly wishes.

Marino, aka Mazariol"

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