terça-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2010

Xtreme Precision biodegradable BB’s from Evolution Airsoft

Italian manufacturer Evolution Airsoft have produced a new 100% biodegradable 0.23g BB:

Hi Friends, we are excited to announce the release of the all new Xtreme Precision (R) 0.23g 100% Biodegradable BB’s.

Wargame players that love shooting 0.23g BB’s can now enjoy the same high performace and tight tolerance that made the Xtreme Precision (R) BB’s famous, in the new 100% truly Biodegradable BB.


We remind players that manufacturing truly Biodegradable BB’s is complex and expensive, beware of those China brands who offer "Biodegradable" BB’s for a price often less than the price of regular BB’s…

The original Xtreme Precision (R) Biodegradable BB’s are now available in 0.20g, 0.23g and 0.25g in 700gr bags and 25 Kgs bags.

Xtreme Precision (R), the leading BB brand in Europe, is looking for dealers worldwide, for more information please contact info@evolution-airsoft.com

(Evolution International S.r.l.)

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