sexta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2010

CYMA CM.036 AKM upgrade - rear sight

As part of my long term progressive upgrade of my CYMA AKM replica I have just fitted the second replacement part to the AEG. This morning the posty brought me a real steel AKM rear leaf sight...

Above: The 'new' real steal AKM leaft sight (front) compared to the CYMA replica sight (back).

The item was bought from the UK online store and cost £17. Compared to the original CYMA replica leaf sight the real thing is slightly longer and has a bare steel finish (apart from the adjustment bar). Being bare steel is was heavily greased and I am guessing there may be a issue with rust if I do not either keep it regularly greased or coat it with a protecting finish of flat black Krylon.

Of course at this rate it may take me the better part of a year to complete this upgrade, but the end result will be worth it and it keeps the cost to a manageable level (a full LCT kit would cost in the region of £300+). Next month I might think of replacing the wood furniture - I have two options, a nice LCT furniture kit or maybe some RS wood!


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