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Have You Already Sent In Your Nominees?

Form up to Nominate

Two weeks to go before the nomination period ends for the 1st Airsoft Players' Choice Awards! If you haven't sent in your nominees then better do so now and invite your mates and others to send theirs too. Just remember that the more nominations that your nominees in the various categories get, the better their chances at making it to the voting period as one of the finalists.

You don't have to accomplish the whole nomination form as you can submit nominees in several categories. But it would be really great if your full list of nominees for all the categories, giving more chances to those who deserve to win in these.

Over a hundred names have been submitted in the past days ever since we opened the nominations with some of those who sent in their nominees doing some campaigns to get more nominations. If you think your nominees do deserve to win, then better make some plans to tell everyone why they should be nominated for the voting period.

Before you do start submitting your nominees, we would like to emphasize that you check the categories below for you to make a list of nominees per category. It is imporant that you know the weblinks of websites of the nominees (if they have websites), as we'll need contact them informing that they've made it to the voting phase. That is, if they garner enough nominations to make it to the final 5 per category.

Awards Categories:

  • Best Airsoft Retailer for North America

  • Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe

  • Best Airsoft Retailer for Asia

  • Best English Language Airsoft Magazine (Print or Digital)

  • Best Non-English Language Airsoft Magazine (Print or Digital)

  • Best English Language Airsoft News Website

  • Best Non-English Language Airsoft News Website

  • Best English Language Airsoft Blog

  • Best Non-English Language Airsoft Blog

  • Best Online Airsoft Community/Forum

  • Best Airsoft Video (Posted Online)

  • Best Airsoft Event (with over 500 players)

  • Best Tactical Gear Maker

  • Best Airsoft Gas Pistol

  • Best Airsoft Gas Rifle

  • Best Airsoft Electric Airsoft Gun

  • Best Airsoft Gun Manufacturer

  • Best Airsoft Upgrade/Parts Maker

  • Special Airsoft Players' Award

  • Best Airsoft Product Review

  • Best Airsoft Podcast

  • Best Airsoft Videocast

Once you've made the list you can then click on the image below to submit your nominees.

May your nominees make it to the finals. Have a great weekend!

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