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Megablast at the Megaball 2KX!

Megaball 2010 01

The Megaball 2KX (2010) was held again last 13-14 November 2010. The event is one of the most awaited events in the Philippines as it is not your usual airsoft event. It is more of a fellowship event by airsoft players who have been faithfully trooping to this event ever since it started. Organised by Pointblank Productions and Semper Fidelis Airsoft Group, it has always been an event that many airsoft players based in the Philippines always have fond memories of.

Popular Airsoft has been covering this event since 2008, and we bring you the report from our correspondents there, Sax and Krieger. Our big thanks to these two gentlemen, and to the organisers of Megaball who never forgot us and invited us again to cover the event.


As early as Wednesday I was all packed and ready for Megaball 2KX. One of the biggest and most awaited airsoft event in the Philippines often held at the last quarter of the year. Since April of this year, airsoft in the Philippines has been on forced hibernation through the imposition of the COMELEC gun ban due to the national and local election. It is a time wherein airsoft enthusiasts all over the country hang their guns and gear and take up other sports to keep them occupied, productive and at the same time, sane. With the ban lifted a few days ago, one can just imagine how many guys and maybe a handful of gals are now looking at themselves in the mirror in full battle rattle attire, me included, eager to satiate their itchy trigger finger. What a Prom is to a pimple riddled teener, Megaball is The Event for the airsoft enthusiast.

This year’s event was held at the former USAF Clark AFB situated roughly 80 clicks north of Manila. I had been concerned about the weather situation, as it rained heavily the week leading up to the event. It seemed as if we would be reenacting rainforest battle scenes from Vietnam War flicks like Platoon or Full Metal Jacket. But thankfully God heard our prayers! Clear blue skies greeted me on Saturday morning, as I left Manila on 0600 hours to enjoy the peaceful hour and a half drive up to Clark.

I arrived at Mimosa just before lunch. By then the venue had been properly set up. This year’s host and organizer, Point blank in association with team SEMPER FI, had all its members clad in tacticool trousers and yellow shirt bearing their team name. Each member manned their respective posts as they greeted the arriving guests. The sponsor’s banners and tents were scattered all over the venue. There was a mini gun show display and an exhibit of vintage WW2 military jeeps. There were also a few stalls offering airsoft guns and gear.


I did not have much time to pack and did all of the things after finishing my job at 2300HRS. As usual, I am my team's cook and the task of KP (Kitchen Patrol) is on my hands. I packed up all the stuff I needed. I packed three BDUs and enough clothes for 2 days. I did not worry about my camera since I always take it no matter where I go. I also cleaned and prepared my so-called "Mobile Kitchenware". All packed and set, I forgot to sleep because of the excitement. I was just waiting for our French teammate to pick me up. The official kick off time that we set was 0500HRS. He did not come so I was worried. We officially left at 0730HRS for Megaball. Upon arriving there in our Villa, I set everything. Being the team's cook, I had to prepare the kitchen and set the tables. After doing that, I prepared myself for the most exciting and memorable task ever, "Playing with my team and taking photos."

Upon arriving at the game site's safe zone, my gun failed me. My teammates were sad, but at least I told them I could focus on the task given to me by Popular Airsoft. It was no sweat and no problem at all. My teammates were so happy and excited for me to take photos of the event as well.

My team has been attending and participating on Megaball since 2006. We see people we used to play during the "Good ol' days." We see the regular participants. Some made it, some did not. This year's participants are very nice. The players' numbers were very manageable.


This year’s event was kicked off with several rounds of short skirmish games. Players at their best, both in game mode and load out, traded bbs. But Megaball is more than just about airsoft guns and mock battles. The two-day event also includes games, raffles, contests, live music, and after party get together. At one point, the event attracted as many as 800 participants from both the local and international airsoft community. This year it was significantly less. However, the organizers are quick to point out that they don’t judge how successful the event was with how many people coming, but on how bad their hangover was when they wake up the following day!


I was looking for my partner, Sax while in the safe zone area, but he was nowhere to be found. I asked Sir Obet "Vtech3" Zulueta where he was. He told me he was there earlier. I could not wait any longer so I started taking photos. I was wearing our BDU for the Saturday game day, but without the upper since I could not play anymore. I asked sir Vtech3 if he still had an extra vest so I could go into the hot zone, unfortunately, the vest was to no avail. I told myself that was fine since I knew I could be safe when I take photos from the fence and kept a decent distance from the hot zone. Players were like warriors unleashed, hungry and thirsty for Megaball. The players were divided into three groups. Blue, red and yellow. They had a good clean fight and enjoyed playing the first scenario.


As the players sweat it out for the better part of the afternoon, they eventually retired to their respective villas by 1700 hours to prepare for tonight’s PARTY. I was fortunate enough to be billeted in a 3 bedroom fully air conditioned villa. My FAS MP housemates were nowhere to be found, so I had this small palace all to myself! With an MRE and my Itronix IX550 laptop, cable TV showing Nicole Kidman’s AUSTRALIA. I set out to write this article, as I waited for the big night.

As always, the party was held at the MIMOSA CASINO. As part of tradition, participating groups have to be in their team’s prescribed casual uniform. This is to help guests and organizers identify someone’s team affiliation easier. Dinner was first on the agenda as the emcee of the event opened the night by acknowledging the sponsors and participants. By 2035 hours the band started playing and the free booze began flowing. Games, raffles and contests were held and met with eager enthusiasm by members of the audience. Fueled by the camaraderie and free booze, the noise level got louder and louder. It reached it climax with the voting of the First Mega Babe. Indeed, this year’s big night met almost everyone's expectation and more!


The band singers were awesome and composed of three nice ladies. People went bananas with the band. They played good songs and performed well. Well enough to make the participants/MEGABALLERS crazy over them. They shouted and screamed on top of their lungs to cheer for the band. There was an endless energy and enthusiasm. A lot of Semper Fi's teammates went to the dance floor to show their dancing skills while others sang with the band. I could not ask for more. This is the event of the year. This is the MECCA of Airsoft in the Philippines.


Dale, the host called upon some of the teams' lady members. One each to represent their teams. It was hell of a fun and people went crazy over them again. There must be something on women and the guys were so full of energy whenever women come on the stage. MEGABABE is the Megaball's Beauty Pageant and it was a very interesting part of the program also. People had fun on the elimination round and especially, the question and answer portion part. We went bananas again! We had a tie for the Megababe Pageant. Congratulations to Semper Fi's and SBAC's pretty ladies.


To juice up the fellowship and for the main event. The icing on the cake or the cake itself. FAS (Filairsoft's) MPs: Desert Rat, Wotmeworry and One arrived in the middle of the fellowship program and brought Playboy Playmate Sky. She brought some Playboy Magazines to be given away and she signed them as well. The heat arose and people had infinite energy upon seeing her. She judged the Megaball's Gunsmith Competition.


Gunsmiths were called upon to join. Each of the teams' gunsmiths were given a box. We had no idea what was inside those boxes. They were asked to move a step back away from the table where their boxes were. They were given the mechanics of the game, asked to move a step back from the table where their boxes were. When signaled "Go!" as a start. They opened their boxes. We were so surprised and of course, the gunsmiths, too! They had unassembled Barbie dolls and the DJ started playing the "I'm A Barbie Girl" music. While they were on it, the host mentioned what to do with those. The given mechanics was far way off the game itself. We also thought the boxes contained AEG parts to be assembled or fixed. They were ask to assemble their Barbie Dolls as fast as they could. People were laughing and cheering for them. The gunsmiths were so surprised they could not concentrate. Upon assembling, there was a piece of paper in the box and when they were done, they had to read what was written. Playmate Sky judged it and chose the best assembled Barbie. There were not just one, but two winners. Congratulations to the winners of Playboy Magazine with Sky's autograph!


The fellowship is not complete without this part. Players were asked to drink from the bowl full of booze. It does not matter what kind of drink or cocktail the bowl contains. Each and everyone share what is in the bowl. The camaraderie and the fun were shared. This is the best part of the fellowship for me. Setting aside what happened during the games, good or bad. We are one during the fellowship.


Though the organizers have laid out an agenda for the second day, I will not be surprised if it won’t be followed to the letter. Today is no ordinary day, as every Filipino with their family and friends will be glued to the TV. Today is the day Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao will vie for his 8th world title against Mexicano boksingero, Antonio Margarito!

But despite this historic match, an open skirmish was held between 1000 to 1200 hours. Maybe a handful of hardcore players will play, while the rest are watching the match. By 1300 participants will start checking out of their villas and the rest of the afternoon is dedicated to more open skirmish games and the awarding of recognitions, prizes and appreciations for Best Rifle, Best Customized, Best Pistol, Best Paint, Largest Team Contingent, Farthest Team Contingent, Largest Team Alliance, Loyalty Awards and Best Squad/Team.


This is where the awarding ceremony happens. From individual to team participants. The Punisher Award is an award given to someone who joins the Gear competition. They go on stage to show their stuff and impressions. The Best Guns as well, from the external modifications to the paint jobs. The Megaball Loyalty Award, Smallest to largest contingents and to the farthest contingent as well. Megaball is concluded by sigining on the Megaball Stage Tarpaulin background. This year's Megaball is the best one I ever had although I missed playing. We are looking forward to next year's Megaball again and the excitement it brings to all of the airsoft enthusiasts in the country.

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