quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010

Wahoo! 6mm Exploding BBs!

6mm Exploding BBs

Happy New Year! Uh..oh, too early to say it yet but these 6 mm exploding bbs are sure interesting and we could use some special effects for some fun during breaks from skirmishes, but these are not meant for skirmishing, unfortunately. I would hate to someone catch fire with some flammable ACM gear. These are available in packs of 91bbs for £5.99 at Airsoft World... "We've brought these to you just in time for fireworks season! These really are Exploding BB's which are excellent quality and perfectly round but for a small hole in the side where the sparks fly out from.

By exploding, we don't mean they blow holes in walls or even sheets of paper for that matter (any BB does that!) but they 'crack' on impact with a hard surface much like the Hollywood style special FX when you see sparking ricochets.

These MUST NOT be used at skirmish sites or fired directly at anything other than a solid surface that does not breathe. When they explode, the plastic shell breaks into tiny little fragments which are ejected at a 'stinging' velocity. So if they hit someone or an animal, they will MOST LIKELY fire fragments into their eyes. If you take these to any skirmish site, they will most likely ban you for life - or worse.

You and anybody else in the area MUST wear eye protection with solid lenses, NOT MESH, as the fragments can enter through the holes in the mesh screen.

We will report any abusers to the Police and make sure you are shipped off to Guantanamo with plenty slippy bars of soap...."

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