sexta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2010

110 thousand of Airsoft guns were seized , Three suspects were arrested in Guangdong, China


There are 110 thousands of airsoft guns carried by two containers. China custom patrol intercepted those airsoft guns in Swatow city, Guangdong Province and arrested three suspects during China National Holidays. Total 113,000pcs of airsoft guns were seized, which is largest gun-involved crime in the last decade.
Based on official news from China custom patrol, they caught those simulated guns when they were under transportation to port after loaded at a local market in Swatow. Those thousands of airsoft guns not only contain various real gun models but simulate every detail, no matter on size, weight or structure from real guns. Although simulated gun is differ from real one, it still shows certain level of damage power and can be used as tool by criminals due to its high similarity with real gun. According to China “Firearms Control Act”, simulated guns are forbidden to manufacture and sale. Presently, those airsoft guns are transferred and investigated by Swatow Police department.

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