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WE M14 GBBR review from the Pyramyd Airsoft blog

The9thTemplar has put together some thoughts and information on the WE M14 GBBR on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog:

imageGood day, noble Sir News Fairy, If you would be so kind as to share the news that I’ve begun compiling a collection of ramblings & what-nots into what I’m calling a WE M14 GBBR Review for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog.  Within the WE M14 section of the blog, I’ve got HD videos including chrono & accuracy tests, a tutorial on converting the magazine to take 30 rounds instead of 20, plus, I will be adding a bunch of new content soon, including guides for upgrading and otherwise improving the rifle’s performance.  

I would encourage visitors to leave me some feedback in the blog’s comment section on any additional information they’d like to see included in the review, or ways to improve future reviews.  Questions about the rifle are always welcome as well.  Check out the WE M14 Review here: Pyramyd Airsoft Blog – WE M14 Review

Thanks, The9thTemplar (Pyramyd Airsoft)

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