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AK Makeover

LCT AK Rail 01

I only have one problem with AK type weapons: lack of configurable options. Now LCT Airsoft has released two kits and these kits might changed my opinion about AKs. I know that not it's not LCT Airsoft the only manufacurer offering rails for AK but I really like and highly recommend their solution.

Let’s take a look at the Gas Tube Rail: CNC aluminum with exceptional surface quality and the whole thing is feather-light. Mounting this kit is fairly easy in case you ever disassembled your own AK. The kit originally designed for AMD-65 and retailers (WGC Shop for example) are offering this rail for free with a purchase of an AMD conversion kit. This LCT Gas Tube Rail will fit any other AK with the same length of gas tube as the AMD-65 which is 145mm.


First you will need to remove your lower hand guard and the original gas tube. Then install the railed tube just like you would install the original.

Once you have it in place then you will need to use the supplied U-shaped brackets to keep the rail from moving. There are two sets of brackets come with the kit and the thinner ones for the AMD. The other set is for different AK variants with thinner outer barrels.

These U brackets will hug your outer barrel real tight allowing you to mount your favourite sight on your AK.

Tightening the four Allen screws from the top side is the last step of your assembly.

Just slide your lower hand guard back in place and lock it into position.

Using a low profile reflex sight like the Burris Speedfire (or any replica Docter sights) will allow co-witnessing with your iron sight and will keep the overall weight down.

Next up is the Handguard Rail which is built with the same quality as the Gas Tube Rail. Weighs a bit more than the original hand guard with grip but this rail will give you more options to mount the things necessary to complete your mission. It comes complete with mounting hardware and tools so all you need is some practical knowledge with the pin pusher (not included) and you’re good to go.

Remove your muzzle break, front sight, gas block and the bracket of your original hand guard.

If we check the conversion kit in detail we will see that not all of our brackets and bolts are the same.

You will find one bracket with threads and the rest of the holes are without threads. The threaded one will go into the second slot inside the railed hand guard.

Two little triangle shaped spacers are supposed to keep the rail centered at the back and you will need to use some kind of water based glue to keep them in place.

These triangles will move once you tighten the rail so using slowly curing glue is essential. Mount the front brackets first and slide the rail over the barrel then use the glue to mount the spacers in place so you can slide the rail inside the rear sight block then tighten all the Allen bolts on the front and the one at the bottom of the rail at the back.

Now you have an AK with four tactical rails and it doesn’t really look like an AK anymore. I like better solutions where the rails are independent from the hand guard and only mount rails when I need them but this one will do for starters. The build quality is exceptional and the guys at LCT Airsoft made sure that their design is compatible with other AK variants too. It only made my AMD-65 a little bit heavier but I don’t mind because now I am able to mount my favorite G2LED or M600, front grip and the Bushnell Holo Sight. I highly recommend these items to any AK fan.

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