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Airsoft International: latest issue and more

Here’s the latest from Paul at Airsoft International:

imageAirsoft Internationals latest issue and more.

Hi guys Volume 6 issue 6 of Ai is out at the end of this week, inside this brick of an issue you will find

6       The Gallery
       A place for Airsofters to send in their own pictures, we?ll make you famous
14      Airsoft News
       Keep up to date with the latest developments from around the World
16      Hardware on Display
        KWA NS2
18      Incoming!
Your letters answered
21       Head to Head ? WE GBB Rifle Mags
24      Gear Up
       So you wannabe a Parajumper
30      Pistol
Hera Arms Glock conversion kit
36      Site Report
        Command Decisions War-games Center
40       Battlefield Bargains
        Tru Spec Tactical Response Uniform
42      Tried and Tested
       We try before you buy
44      UKARA News
45      UKARA Listing
46      You?ve got the Look
       Local Load outs
48       Hardware on Display
        Umarex Mp7
54      Project Perses
56      Gear Zone
60      Anatomy of an AEG
65      The Devil?s in the detail
       Upgrading a TM M14 Part I
70       French Letter
72      Ready Room – Team Talk
76      Subscriptions
80      Group Test
82      Ai Industry awards
84      Site listings
86      Next issue


We also have a thriving Face book presents with over 3000 fans already attached. If every you wanted proof that Ai is not only the biggest selling  Airsoft Magazine on the high street we are by far the most popular Airsoft magazine on the net ( according to face book) See the stats for yourself
Airsoft International   3000.00 fans
Airsoft Soldier         365.00 fans
Take Aim                176.00 fans
Which just goes to show that Ai is the biggest and best Airsoft magazine that have every been published

Ai Coms centre: Due to demand we will shortly be going live with the Ai Coms Centre ( blog) we know as a printed medium that we can?t compete with the net so as so many of our fans have requested that we produce an information resource especially for them- take a look here: http://airsoftinternational.blogspot.com/

Over at The Comms Centre you’ll find news, reviews, gossip and updates from the airsoft world, with opportunities for you to participate, show off your kit and engage in conversation. It’s updated frequently, so there’s always something new to read in between issues of Ai, so don’t hang around, get yourself over

The Airsoft Arms fair: With only a few days to go until the second in the series of shows Ai has struck a deal with the organisers, where any one turning up wearing an Ai patch will receive a discounted admission fee (redeemable at the main entrance)
As we ramp up our involvement with the AAF, we can confirm that Ai will indeed be the official media Partner for their 2011 events, which means even more coverage and promotions and discounts for Ai patch wearers and subscribers

Statement from the organiser  "2010 saw the launch of the Airsoft Arms Fair, the UK’s trade & retail show for airsoft. With the date now set for the third AAF on 21st May 2011 the show is going from strength to strength. We are proud to announce that the new media partner for the 2011 AAFs is Airsoft International.  Over the next few months we will be keeping you updated with developments for the 3rd AAF, competitions and product launches both on the event website www.airsoftarmsfair.com and here in AI. ?
See you at the Fair, Jim Sephton AAF Organiser."

Ai 500 We have great pleasure in confirming the EA Games have just confirmed their sponsorship of this year?s UK ai500. If you are planning to get your hands on the latest Medal of Honour and have booked into the Ai 500, then we’ve got a few nice surprises for you from EA. Remember the future is Bright the Future of Airsoft publishing  is Ai

Paul Monaf, (Airsoft International)

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