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Take Aim North America: now out

From the guys at Take Aim North America:

The first issue of Take Aim North America is out on US/Canada newsstands. You can check out our facebook page [here].


I also attached the press release from On Target Airsoft and Wicker  Publishing.

Regards, Daryle Sewell (CEO-Owner,  Take Aim North America)

Press release after the link

Contact: Daryle Sewell (USA)) or Ian Somers (EU)
email: sales@ontargetairsoft.com

imageWicker Publications Ltd. and On Target Airsoft Announce the establishment of TAKE AIM Airsoft Magazine North American and European Editions

Marietta, Georgia – Ireland based Wicker Publications Limited, a veteran action-sport publisher and USA based On Target Airsoft, a specialized airsoft distribution and retail organization, are pleased to announce the split of Take Aim Airsoft Magazine into North American and European versions beginning September 6th, 2010. The separate editions of Take Aim Magazine will have content geared toward the individual continents with some articles shared across both editions. The August edition (Issue 12) of Take Aim Airsoft Magazine will be postponed until September 6th, 2010, to implement this positive change. Issue 12 (September, October, November) and issue 13 (December, January, and February) will be quarterly to allow ample time for the new changes to take effect. Take Aim will return to Bi-Monthly distribution beginning with issue 14 (March/April 2011). The North American cover price will be reduced to $7.95 USA and $9.95 Canada.

“Take Aim Airsoft magazine has enjoyed recent success in North America, and creating the North American version is something readers have been asking for. We are happy to meet that request” said On Target Airsoft owner and CEO Daryle Sewell. “This publication will tie the North American and European airsoft communities together; something that has been long awaited.” The Airsoft sport has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity on both continents.

“Over the last two years, Take Aim Magazine has matured into a world-wide airsoft publication.” said Take Aim editor Ian Somers. “Creating the North American magazine version is the next step in its evolution.” The Take Aim editors will utilize writers from both continents to ensure unique, world coverage of the sport.

About On Target Airsoft

On Target Airsoft is a Sewell Ventures, Inc. business located in Marietta, Georgia, USA. On Target Airsoft specializes in retail and wholesale distribution of airsoft guns and related tactical products. They are a Veteran owned and operated business founded in 2007. On Target Airsoft is the exclusive distributor of Take Aim Airsoft Magazine North America, available in the USA and Canada.

About Take Aim Magazine

Take Aim Airsoft & Gaming Magazine is a bi-monthly publication that covers all aspects of the Airsoft and video game genre. Articles focus on Airsoft products, fields, players, gear, and video game reviews. The next release of Take Aim Magazine is scheduled for September 6th, 2010. Take Aim is published by the Ireland based Wicker Publications Ltd., founded in 2008. It is available in the USA and Canada on newsstands, via subscriptions, and individual purchase through the distributor: On Target Airsoft.

If you would like more information on this press release, or if you would like to schedule an interview please email On Target Airsoft at: sales@ontargetairsoft.com, or Take Aim Magazine at: ian@takeaim.ie.

For Immediate Release 21 JUL 2010

(Take Aim North America)

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