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CQB Radio: Episode 19 - Back On The Block

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CQB Radio: Episode 19 - Back On The Block

CQB Radio: Episode 19 - Back On The Block
- Word on the Street: New England and national airsoft ops
- Assessment: G&G Combat Machine, S-Thunder grenade launcher, Echo 1 Wolverine, Magpul Masada, Echo 1 DSR, and VFC M4 E-series
- Tricks of the Trade: Brent from Mission Spec
- Loadout: VooDoo Tactical gloves, a red dot, Magpul UBR stock, Irene Adaptive Sling
- Dr. Airsoft: Eye Safety
- Retailer Review: U.S. Cavalry
- Just In: New airsoft items
- Closing

Hey ForrestRanger - you're the winner of this multi-cam uniform. You've got 48 hours to contact me to claim your prize.


As always, check out

In Mass., go play at The Citadel

In New Hampshire, check out Feel Good Farms.


First up, the G&G Combat Machine from Airsplat.

Mag has 5.56 markings.

See the silver coming through? Not tight enough.

Next up, the S-Thunder pistol-style grenade launcher.

Then we had the brand-new Echo 1 Wolverine from Evike.

All the goodies you get with it.

Folding stock.

Lower receiver and mag.

Nice wood foregrip.

Cool AK flash hider.

Eric helped us out with a review of the Magpul Masada.

Next up was the Echo 1 DSR from Pyramyd Air.

Here's mine all geeked-out.

Lastly, we had the VFC M4 E-Series - nice AEG from Pyramyd Air.

VFC gives you this with a lot of sweet pics.


Nice trades from VFC.

I added some "stuff" to mine.

All Magpul'ed out


Here we interviewed Brent of Mission Spec.


First up - these Crossfire gloves from Combat Sport Supply.

Next up - the RTA red dot from Airsoft Station.

The Magpul UBR stock from Airsoft Extreme.

Lastly we looked at the Irene Adaptive Sling from Mission Spec.

One way to mount it to your rifle.

The MASH hook.

Squeezing it to open the hook.

The IAS - get them while you still can!


Dr. Airsoft chatted with a fellow doctor about eye injuries in airsoft.


Our retailer review was from Eric and he talked about U.S. Cavalry.


New items to the airsoft world. Snipers - check out Airsoft Extreme for a deal.

AEX is also carrying a bunch of new SRC AEGs.

The Magpul SCAR-style stock is available for the Masada now.

And that's all - keep on firin',

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