quinta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2010

GSR10 distraction device at Badger Tac

Badger Tac have sent in details of one of the products they stock:

Hi All, Just to let everyone know we are stocking the GSR10 Distraction device which is a reusable grenade Made by a UK based company called Thomas lowe defence.

imageThese are the Grenade specs: GSR-10

The Grenade Simulator Reloadable-10 incorporates similar features to the Police/Military grade GR-20. As detailed below.

•The most realistic grenade simulator available
•Extremely safe and reliable
•Low fire risk, tested by the Defence Academy Cranfield University
•Can be reloaded using our 1.4G classified patented cartridge technology
•Light weight aircraft grade aluminium and steel construction for maximum durability and service life
•Can be armed and deployed one handed
•Low radial blast output eliminates movement of the device on detonation
•Available with the civilian PCM cartridges 2.5-3 second delay 130db
•Replacement lever and pin assemblies available
•Double bang adapter available

Any questions please feel to contact us on 01296 658 600

Regards Badger Tac

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