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The ICS MX5-PRO Takes Centre Stage


While everybody's attention is focused on the new releases on the gas blowback area, we at Popular Airsoft have been more keen on focusing on what we think to be the highlight in terms of electric airsoft gun technology this year. ICS has now officially announced the release of their ICS MX5-Pro series, and this took them over a year in the making, ensuring that what they have envisioned and designed were produced according to their design specifications. Our operator, Dom, went to Taiwan last year to see for himself what ICS has been making, introducing new innovations on their gearbox design, and investing much resources on the materials.

Dom reported that the materials used by ICS for the MX5-Pro can meet MIL-STDs, and together with their in-house designed SFS (Sniper Folding Stock) is attracting even real world gun designers. They went even further by ensuring that the the MX5-Pro can be quickly dissambled like real steel weapons and it now incorporates the three-round burst which only Systema Engineering was able to introduce previously. Their split-gearbox technology is still there and further improved with an advanced electric current breaking system that breaks the current going to the motor when the upper and lower receivers are separated, reducing the number of wires inside the body and more safety when doing maintenance.

Overall, here are the features and new innovations introduced by ICS:

  1. Reproduce the stamped steel gun body

  2. ICS Patented H2E High efficiency & effective electronic control tri burst technology

  3. Exclusive split gear box technology

  4. ICS quick disassembly/assembly design

  5. Advanced electric current break system

  6. Super convenient spring tension release function

  7. M.R.S. MX5-Pro Tactical hand guard and S.F.S. stock(ICS-019)

  8. Reproduced the real steel made retractable stock.(ICS-018)

  9. Replaceable sight post

We are expecting a unit for testing and review. So stay tuned. To learn more about the ICS MX5-PRO, you can download the full product brochure by clicking on the image right below:

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