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S-Thunder Composite Grenade Launcher & Grenade Shell Reviews

S-Thunder's new product release, the Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher item # AGL-SB01 has been tested by media reviewers in Ireland, Hong Kong and Canada.

Airsoft International of the United Kingdom has published a detailed review of S-Thunder's Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher and Foam Ball Grenades.  Jack the Airsoft International reviewer of S-Thunder's Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher notes "I used it I with great success from a tiny hiding place at Urban Assault in Upwood, taking out two bad guys in one shot – the compact form makes it really easy to swing around in tight spaces, or to pop around a corner and let them have it... far more user-friendly than my underslung M203..."

Yu-Hon Li, Director of Business Development comments "We are very pleased that the airsoft community has welcomed the new Short Barrel Composite Grenade Launcher so favourably with open arms and the feedback we have received from the media and players have been fully considered and incorporated into improving the performance and durability of our current product lines as well as new upcoming product introductions."

Through eHobbyAsia's demonstration video, a sneak peek of S-Thunder's new upcoming "Short Barrel Grenade Shell" is provided.  This new M203 style grenade shell is a compact and stubby version of the standard M203 grenade shell which will be offered in packages of two (2) grenade shells.  Being smaller, the new grenade shell is light, compact and therefore easier to carry and load for grenadiers.  Mr Li notes that "as seen in our recent introductions with the Composite Grenade Launcher and Short Barrel Grenade Shell, S-Thunder' goal is to not necessarily offer the same products that others are producing, but offer new and innovative products and engineering to a range of products.  Though some of our products may appear the same as others from the exterior, the innovation lays in the inside of the product which is hidden at first.  Similar to the old saying that one cannot judge a book by its cover only and S-Thunder's products can only be differentiated from others when they use or see them in action.".

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