segunda-feira, 27 de setembro de 2010

RA-Tech custom work for WE M14

RA-Tech have sent in details including a video of their custom work for the WE M14:

RA-TECH customwork for WE M14 (level 2 version) now available, and we also make a test video for it:


Upgrade parts list,
1.RA Precision inner barrel
2.RA Hop up rubber
3.RA WE M14 steel Tappet(NO.9)
4.RA WE Real wood stock
5.RA WE M14 Part NO.1 marking version(Each one got different number)
6.RA real gun function bolt stop system install


Benefit points
1.good quality real wood stock
2.real gun bolt stop function installed
3.trajectory perform more precisely
4.marking with unique number
5.more durable


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