quarta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2010

Free emagazine Field of Fire to return in Devember

Lukas at Field of Fire magazine has dropped us a line to let us know what is happening with the email magazine:

I would like to inform all that I am changing the way the email magazine is to be sent out….

I have recently been really unwell and unable to complete the magazine to be sent out for the last issue and also this months will also not be completed… I am so sorry for all on the mailing list and submitters to the Ezine.

The new and improved way will be every 3 months(quarterly) starting from December (jan-march)…. I am giving myself a few months to redesign and hopefully gain even more interest in the EZINE…

Again this is still going to be free to Subscribe, Submit and also advertise… all I ask is if people are still interested and would like to help (as i am the lone ranger behind the Magazine if you can pass on the information to all…)

To subscribe for your free EZINE fofmagazine@live.co.uk
To submit your group in the groups pages, etc and also advertising fofmagazineadvert@live.co.uk

I am updating my website soon so please keep an eye. www.fofmagazine.webs.com.

I am so sorry for any problems this my cause but want to deliver the best Ezine that can be done… (Field of Fire)

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