quarta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2010

ICS: MX5-Pro now out

The ICS MX5-Pro is now out and the features and product imagery has hit my mailbox. Here’s all the news:

Here is the summary of the MX5-Pro features

1. Reproduce the stamped steel gun body

2. ICS Patented H2E High efficiency & effective electronic control tri burst technology

3. ICS exclusive split gear box technology

4. ICS quick disassembly/assembly design

5. Advanced electric current break system

6. Super convenient spring tension release function

7. M.R.S. MX5-Pro Tactical hand guard and S.F.S. stock(ICS-019)

8. Reproduce the real steel made retractable stock.(ICS-018)

9. Replaceable sight post


ICS officially announces MX5-Pro to the public. MX5-Pro is a new product line. ICS would like to provide players a whole new experience of AEGs. Therefore we can find many new designs and features on ICS MX5-Pro series, such as stamped steel body, H2E technology, Split gear box, new folding stock, new handguard, new sights…etc. Because of those innovations, MX5-Pro stands out above the rest.

Please check the file or visit our website for more information. (ICS)

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