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Opforce DG M249 GBB Series, summer sale extendedArniesAirsoft News

imageOPforce/DG have extended the summer sale on their GBB drop in kit for Classic Army, TOP and A&K M249s:

Hi, We have now extended our summer sale for the m249 GBB that uses your aeg mag. The sale will last for another 2 weeks. The M249 GBB Drop In Kit is the first and only to be made with nickel plated steel internals. All fine parts are machined with the highest quality. We do not use cheap cast metal parts. Using your aeg mag. We have adjustable fps, rof, recoil, and hop up. With a take away front barrel assembly.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T0udT28Pa4&hl=en]

This system can be ran in freezing weather with no cool down effect due to the nitrogen/hpa gas or co2. We have the hardest hitting recoil system. We also give you a warrantee.


specs. at 140 psi = 400fps with 18 rounds per second. at 90 psi = 300fps with 12 rounds per second.  

Dealers Welcome

Opforce / DG
Tactical Training Systems

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