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S-Thunder mil-sim M203 style grenade–projectile testsAir-Soft [co.cc] Airsoft News

Lots of people have been talking about, testing and reviewing S-Thunder’s mil-sim style grenades:

S-Thunder’s SWG-series of M203 style 40mm gas grenade shells (Shocker grenades & foam ball grenades) have been used creatively by many Milsim paintball and airsoft players / grenadiers in Scenario, Skirmish, Woodsball, Tactical and CQB game who have used these grenade shells to shoot a variety of projectiles including,

- bbs
- paintballs
- pepperballs
- rubber pellets
- foam rockets
- foam balls
- smoke powder
- colored water
- confetti 

The use of a variety of projectiles in S-Thunder’s grenade shells have been demonstrated and videoed by Mil-Sim reviewers in the United States and Canada here,

Airsoft Retreat (USA): 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYmqjrvshsE&hl=en]

S-Thunder "Shocker" Top/Green Gas 40mm Grenade Shell review by Booligan

GreyOps (Canada):  S-Thunder 40mm Paintball/Airsoft Grenade Testing Revisited

CQB Radio (USA) also did a review of S-Thunder long barrel foam ball grenade at time 14:33, Episode 17 (note: this is the direct link for the mp3 of the podcast)


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