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PeopleAirsoft in S. California: News and review websiteAir-Soft [co.cc] Airsoft News

imageIntroducing PeopleAirsoft.com:

To Whom It May Concern, We at PeopleAirsoft.com would like to introduce ourselves as a new source of news for airsoft.  Our goal is to bring the latest news from any and all manufacturers involved in the airsoft industry and provide it to the end users of the airsoft community.  We strive to facilitate the migration of news from the manufacturer to the consumer, we also conduct product reviews to better inform the consumer of what to expect when purchasing products.


At PeopleAirsoft we continue to work on projects such as our latest review of chronographs, we will also continue to produce such reviews with such items like batteries, glasses, and tight bore inner barrels.  We do reviews on these items because there is competition between manufacturers but there is no actual comparison between such products.

Any news of new products to help us inform the consumer will be much appreciated.  Also if you would like your products reviewed please feel free to contact us about doing such reviews and comparisons.

I would like to encourage adding PeopleAirsoft.com to bookmarks and following us on our news and posts for updates on the latest on airsoft news.

People Airsoft: Chronograph Review

We at PeopleAirsoft has chosen to review chronographs used in airsoft, because there are so many makes and models nobody really knows which is good or not, we took it upon ourselves to obtain and test the most popular chronographs that are being used. (Read more)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p38SIkRUNW8&hl=en]

Best Regards, www.PeopleAirsoft.com, California, USA

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