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Airsoft International: volume 6 issue 4Air-Soft [] Airsoft News

imageAirsoft International have a new issue out chocked full of new articles:

Volume 6 issue 4 hits the news trade and subscribers on the 29th August. Inside this bumper 92 page edition you will find:

6       The Gallery
       A place for Airsofters to send in their own pictures, we?ll make you famous
14      Airsoft News
       Keep up to date with the latest developments from around the World
16      Hardware on Display
        Viper XM177 GBB
18      Incoming!
Your letters answered
21       Head to Head ? WA or WE GBB?s
24      Gear Up
       So you wannabe A WWII Commando
30      Pistol
       KWC 357
36      Site Report
        The Hill: Dundee
40       Project Perses
42      Tried and Tested
       We try before you buy


44      UKARA News
45      UKARA Listing
46      You?ve got the Look
       Local Load outs
48       Hardware on Display
        WE- PDW GBB
52      UKAPU News
54      Battle Field Bargains
       Budget busting tactical gear solutions
56      Gear Zone
60      Anatomy of an AEG
62      Your Tour of Duty
       Nam Soft at its very best
65      The Devil?s in the detail
       Fixing an AGM gas-blowback mag
70       French Letter
72      Ready Room – Team Talk
76      Subscriptions
80      Group Test
Multi Tools part II
84      Ai500 Briefing
87      Site listings
90      Next issue

Paul Monaf (Airsoft International)

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