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CQB Radio MiniCast 16.5: The Next LevelCQB Radio

A little look into Carp's closet of airsoft...

As always, thanks to Evike for their sponsorship of the MiniCast. Check them out at http://www.evike.com/

One thing we talked about is vests. My new favorite - the CIRAS from Matrix.

Here's a little taste of the Magpul ACR/Masada. Check out Spartan Imports for more great pics.

If you haven't heard, the H&K G36s are now available. ARES is the OEM on these bad boys.

Looking for good BBs (some of our listeners were) - check out TSDs and Javelins.

Brent and I e-mailed about the best training weapons out there. KWA is making a move, but Systema is still the best in the eyes of most people

The FAST System - check out the review at http://www.airsoftretreat.com/


First off, a super compact AEG from ICS - the M4 Concept gun.

A high FPS but some funkiness to it. Check out this link for more pics/info: http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_44_221&products_id=29963

Second up was an MP5 from ICS.

A few more pics...

The flashlight in the fore grip.

And before it's installed.

A pretty nice AEG from ICS.

Lastly, the biggest of the AEGs in this review - the ICS SIG 551 with full trades.

And there's the JRICH flashlight/grip I talked about in UPDATE.

Fully-adjustable rear sight.


The A&K LR300 has been a great gun for me - shoots at around 400 FPS with great range.


The Kart M14 EBR is still for sale - contact me at cqbradio@gmail.com

I also have the CYMA M14 Scout for sale, as well as the Echo 1 Stag
Arms M4 Commando and the HFC M9 for sale - all brand new!

I didn't mention this, but I'm also selling this heat shield from G&P and the front ring too.

That's all for the MiniCast. Full podcast out soon!

Keep on firin',

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